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Adventure holidays in Argentina

Top destinations in Argentina

Buenos Aires

Top trips in Argentina

Exodus offer a wide range of adventure, activity and walking holidays to Argentina. One of the world’s largest countries, Argentina is made for adventure holidays. Adventure looms large, from its hot humid jungles to its Patagonian ice fields and from Ushuaia, the furthest reaches of the world, to Buenos Aires, one of the most buzzing cities on the plan... Read more


Try riding through the Pampas grasslands, whale watching off the Antarctic shores, peak bagging in the Andes, take a road trip through staggering landscapes, set up camp under the famous electric blue skies or devour a decadent meal in the capital.

Culturally, Argentina also has much to offer. Its unique national identity or “Argentinidad” is shaped around fierce independence, generous community spirit and distrust of authority. But happily, the locals save all trace of negativity for politicians and treat each other and their visitors with nothing but hospitality and trademark charm. Win favours (and guaranteed good times) by partaking in the Argentinean passions of Mate drinking, football, tango and swapping anecdotes about Eva Peron.

Argentina’s Adventure holiday Experiences

1 Immerse yourself at Iguazu Falls

More frenzied, more deafening, much bigger and even more spectacular than Niagara, the Iguazu Falls are a must-see on adventure holiday in Argentina. Get there early to avoid the inevitable crowds and for an adventure holiday extra, be sure to grab a very fast, very wet and very fun jet boat ride through the crashing water.

2 Explore Buenos Aires

It’s impossible not to love Buenos Aires, although you might have to give yourself time to acclimatise to the frenzied pace of life before it wins you over, especially after travelling through the wilderness that is the rest of the country. Sophisticated, beautifully groomed and overflowing with fascinating sights of everyday life, not to mention an incredible history, the best way to enjoy this grand city is to watch the world go by from one of many excellent cafes or restaurants. And don't forget the best steaks in the world.

3 Eat at the end of the world

Be sure to eat some of the excellent fish fresh from the frozen waters of the Atlantic in Ushuaia where the town welcomes you with a sign that proclaims “The End of the World”. It happens to be true - there’s nothing between you here and Antarctic wilderness. Make the best of it and take an uplifting walk through the Tierra del Fuego national park or spot sea lions and cormorants on the Beagle Channel.

4 Marvel at the Moreno Glacier

It’s possible to spend hours just gazing at Moreno - the glistening white ice, sculpted pinnacles, blue crevasses and dazzling depths of colour just cannot be captured on camera and no film can do justice to the sound and sight of the enormous chunks of ice that break off with a roar and crash into the lake below. Many glaciers are overrated but the Moreno Glacier is not one of them.



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