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Adventure holidays in Bhutan

Exodus offer a wide range of adventure, activity and walking holidays to Bhutan. The scenery is awesome with steep forested hills and misty mountains rising from fast flowing rivers. But it is the fascinating culture that makes Bhutan unique. Bhutan is one of the very few areas in the Himalaya where the traditional way of life survives unchanged by the passag... Read more

e of time. The unusual architecture and national dress demonstrate the people's national pride and governmental policies such as GNH (Gross National Happiness) are evident in the people’s manner.

The superb Dzongs (fortresses) dotted in the valleys and on hilltops are full of priceless religious artifacts and many are still active monasteries. The colourful Paro festival (March) and Thimpu festival (October) provide fascinating and genuine cultural spectacles; it's a good idea to plan your time in Bhutan to coincide with one of these events. In addition, Bhutan's pristine beauty and culture warrant great holiday options all year round. Join Exodus for a Walking or Cultural holiday to Bhutan this year.

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