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Fisherman on the banks of the Ganges River at sunset, Varanasi, India
Review posted by Anonymous
***** Written


The most amazing holiday of our lives. Every day we saw something that amazed us: the insane traffic of India's roads; the wonderful food; the spirituality of the people; the historic buildings; the energy of India contrasted with the serenity of Nepal; and...monkeys! We loved how animals are free to roam wherever they please - cows on the motorways, birds in buildings, and monkeys swinging from roof to roof. In India, you literally never know what is around the corner. 
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The Alhambra, Granada, Spain
Review posted by Anonymous
***** Written


This is a frenetic, worthwhile trip if you wish to make links between the presence of the Moors in Spain and their origins in present day Morocco. It is also a good introduction to Andalucia and Morocco.Three stars means I would recommend it, this was a new trip and once it has run a few times it will be even better, especially I think with one guide throughout. 
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