AXW a week in jordan depart 20th april

Anyone going on this trip from uk?


Hi, yes. I live near Portsmouth. Are you on the group flight?

Hi Kozza and Karen.  I'm going on this trip too with my husband.  We're flying from Heathrow. We're really excited :-)


Hi Karen and Pawprints (whats your name?)

does the group flight mean everyone going from uk?

and does anyone know if we meet up in airport before the flight then?

I have been really excited but sadly my mum just passed away last week, so a bit all over the place at the moment, but will still be going, look forward to meeting you all x

Hi Corrine

My name is Sarah and hubby is Robin. 

Very sorry to hear your sad news.

When I've done these trips before you just find the guide at the airport (at the other end) holding up an Exodus board/paper.  I've spotted people at the airport in England before because they were reading the Exodus paperwork so I just introduced myself and asked if they were going on the same trip. Are you flying from Heathrow?  We could swop mobile numbers and arrange to meet up somewhere in the departure lounge. 

Sarah x

Hi All, I'm flying out for the Wadi Rum trip from Heathrow on the same day so assuming we are on the same flight RJ112 at 17:05?

Anyone else going on the trek?

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