Classic Peru- 20th July

Anyone joining us on this trip? I hope so. Not long to go now. I cant wait


If that's trip TPR829 yes, otherwise I'm in the wrong place!  Final joining instructions arrived a couple of days ago- no sign of a kitbag though... anyone got theirs? Sue

Hi..looking forward to meeting everyone on the trip...just 2 weeks to go now. Must be time to think about a little pre-trip shopping!! Anyone know of the "must bring" items? Niall

Wondering if Pat and I are the only ones going on the Moonstone Trail instead of the Inca Trail. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the group after yet anther shopping trek - so much to take, so little room! Ruth


Got my kitbag... a good omen.  Not sure about must take items Niall but after some bad luggage experiences in the past I adopt a stategy of making sure anything I don't think I can replace off the shelf/hire abroad goes in my hand luggage/on my person.  I reckon Walking Boots, spanish dictionary, ipod/camera charger, anti-malaria meds (and a full change of clothes!) covers it.   

You've probably already seen the Inca Trail and Amazon Rainforest section under July departures - but if you haven't there's a lot of useful info - especially from people who have already been on the trip.  Makes it easier to understand what the walking is like in the jungle and what sort of footwear we need. What I still can't work out is whether or not when we are given this tiny bag to take into the jungle if our knapsack and its contents have to fit in as well. Are the waterproof bags for our cameras etc in case we capsize, there's water in the bottom of the boats, or to protect them during torrential downpours?

Doesn't sound like anyone else is on the Moonstone walk - is anyone else flying from Manchester like we are?  Ruth

Shopping done at this stage or so I hope...flying from Dublin to Heathrow on Sat evening, last flight out and will camp out there for the night (to get used to roughing it!!). Meet everybody in Lima Airport if we all don't stand out on the flight!

Yea, doing the Inca Trail and looking forward to the challenge, been up a few Irish mountains but nothing as high.


Safe travelling everyone,


Spoke to Exodus this morning and it sounds like there are 6 of us doing this trail (and 4? doing the Inca Trail). Spoke to someone at their office who had done the trail which was useful. She lost her luggage on the way there - so wear/carry as hand luggage- all essentials - particularly your walking boots. You probably do that anyway but no point saying this when it's too late.

See you Sunday! Ruth


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