Increase of fuel costs

I have recently paid in excess of £10k (for 4 people)  for a holiday to Peru. Two weeks after paying for the holdiay in full I received a futher bill for £312 for further fuel costs. All Exodus did was quote its terms and conditions, Exodus then went on to blame there couriers. Personally I find this outrageous and will not be using Exodus again.

I'm afraid you need to get real!! All holiday companies reserve the right to impose fuel increases which - as they rightly say - are in the hands of the airlines, not themselves. 

Pay up and enjoy Peru. It's great.   


I'm afraid that it is in the small print, and is down to the airlines, not Exodus. Myself and partner have been hit by a fuel supplement a couple of times when travelling with Exodus, but knowing that there is little you can do about it (unless, of course, you want to battle it out with the airline) we paid up and filed it away in the "so what" bin. Having recently returned from Peru, I can only agree with the last post. It's a fabulous place, full of interest and great locations. Have a great time.

My balance is due and I just noticed the new price on the website is over £300 more than it was when I booked. I understand the situation but it would have been nice if Exodus had written to advise that the price had changed. I bet someone at Exodus is making sure that these surcharges are capped at just under the 10% threshold however!


Thanks Catislyn, all four of us traveling are seasoned travellers and between us we have used many different holiday companies and covered an awful lot of the globe. Not one of us has ever had to pay an excess fuel charge. We have paid up, mainly because to get out of the holiday would have cost more. Maybe if people objected more we wouldn't be treated in this appaling way. As for its the Airlines fault why when dealing with any company "its always somebody elses fault?"

I, too, have travelled widely over the last ten years and this is the first time I have been asked to meet an increase in fuel costs. However, friends travelling with several other companies - among them, Explore - have also been hit this autumn. Let's face it, even the Government doesn't seem to know what the economy is doing. I hope you don't let the extra £40 (?) per head spoil your trip. Relax with a pisco sour and consider it well worth the cost. Go well and travel safely!



It has been interesting for me to read through your comments. You are all absolutely correct that for a number of years fuel costs have been very stable and we have been able to very effectively plan, sell and operate our holidays around the world.

The reality of the last few years and especially the last 12 months is that we are regularly receiving fuel surcharge notifications from nearly all the scheduled airlines. From a factual perspective we will pass on these surcharges in accordance with ABTA guidelines and our booking conditions.

From a more personal perspective it really troubles me to read this sort of feedback and I completely understand that it is a thorny issue! At Exodus we pride ourselves on our customer service and on providing the very best holiday experiences at a fair price. We hope that you will all appreciate that the reasons for these surcharges are beyond our control. These are extraordinary times and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Ben, Sales & Marketing Director, Exodus


Hello there, over the past month or so we have seen over and over again that the price of oil is at its lowest for a very long time. I was wondering if there was the slightest opportunity of having our surcharges refunded as a result of the now lower price of oil?


I am the Costings Manager here at Exodus, and have been keeping a close eye on fuel costs. Though fuel prices are widely known to be dropping, many airlines have not yet passed on any significant reductions in their fuel surcharges. I believe this is because many airlines will have been forced to hedge for fuel at much higher rates, due to uncertainty in fuel pricing earlier this year. However it is our policy to pass on downward revisions in costs where applicable, and all individual cases will be investigated. Please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] if you have a query on a specific trip or airline.


yes, but I had to pay over £500 surcharge (for one person) on an antarctica trip about to take place, as I was told Quark *cannot* hedge their fuel... in which case why can the surcharges not be refunded?...

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