Anyone for Thailand, Laos and Cambodia?


I'm booked to go on the Discover Thailand, Laos and Cambodia trip on November 18th and I was wondering if anyone else on here is going on that trip?  Or if anyone who has previously been on the trip has any handy hints and tips!  It would be great to hear from you!


Hi Cathy

Yes, we are going too and are looking forward to it. We have booked to see the nurse re: any jabs required but have not yet researched malaria tablets, have you?


Hi Lucy,

Great! I was starting to think that I wasn't going to get any replies!

I've been to see the nurse and I've already had all of the recommended jabs (apart from Japanese Encephalitis) for previous holidays. She didn't seem to think I'd need the Encephalitis jab because we're not going in the season when it gets transmitted. I'd be interested to hear what advice you get though!

The nurse recommended Malarone malaria tablets because it has the fewest side effects and the mozzies out there are resistant to some of the other anti malarials. It's also the most expensive one so I think I might buy it online because it seems to be cheaper to do that!



Hi Cathy & Lucy, we are also going on this trip. We have visited Viet Nam previously so it will be interesting to see how Cambodia and Laos compare.

Are you leaving getting visas until we cross the borders?

Have you decided if you are taking any currency or will you rely on ATMs?

We have an appointment at the travel clinic tomorrow and will let you know what advice we are given.

Sue & John

Hi Sue and John,

Yes I was going to get my visas at the airport / border because it seems to be easier. Just need to remember to take some passport photos with me!

I think I'll probably take a fair amount of currency with me in US dollars and maybe a little bit in Thai currency to start me off. From what I've read US dollars seem to be widely accepted in Laos and Cambodia. What are you going to do?

I'll be interested to hear which anti-malarial the travel clinic recommends for you and what they say about the Japanese Encephalitis jab.


Hi Cathy, Sue and John.
Our nurse did not even mention Japanese Encephalitis, she gave us a typhoid jab (as expected) we knew that one was out of date. Can't remember what else was needed as she said we were OK with the rest. She said either malarone or doxycline and didn't say malarone was more effective. I asked Tesco's pharmacist and she said enough malarone (you need less of them) was £58.01 per person whereas 50 doxycline tablets (we need 44) is £4.23 - no contest as far as we are concerned! We've also been to Vietnam and took doxy then with no side effects.
We are planning on getting visas at the border, haven't thought about currency yet.
Are you guys on the group flight?
Lucy & Chris


This is our second attempt at the trip - we were meant to go in April but the volcano put paid to that! Anyway at least we still have the trip to look forward to! We are planning to get visa's over there and already have a supply of Malarone for the trip - prev experience tells us worth paying extra for as no nasty side effects and no need to take them for so long after we get back home.
We will be on the Group Flight - See you all in 6 weeks time. Andy and Samantha

Out of interest which airline is the group flight with? Trailfinders told us back in February it was cheaper for them to book flights and Exodus had not yet announced who they were using. We are on the Eva Air around 9 pm Thursday 18th Nov.    Lucy & Chris

The group flight is with EVA air and it leaves Heathrow at 9:20pm on the 18th so it must be the same flight that you're booked onto! I'm flying down from Newcastle on the 18th to catch the group flight.

Does anyone know how many people are booked onto the trip?


Hello Everyone,
We are also on the trip and on the group flight. We will be driving up from Somerset on the 18th, so hope the M3/M25 keeps moving. We were told it is a full trip (notes say max of 16). We have also decided to give the Japanese and Rabies jabs a miss (although initially recommended to have them by the nurse) and are going for the Malarone. Superdrug are cheapest round here, £2.10 a tablet. I read you need to be careful buying on line, use reputable companies as some dodgy dealers use chalk. Probably take some US Dollars and Thai for starters and then ATMs to top up.
Only 4 weeks now, hope the typhoons have subsided by then,
Janet & Garry

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