Anyone Walking the Amalfi Coast departing 10th August?!

Hi...anyone going on this date?! :)

yes i am going - i only booked it this weekend - looking forward to it :)

Really looking forward to the trip but its my first holiday like this so dont really know what to expect...

i'm sure it will be fine. it will be my second hols via Exodus - went on one 5 yrs ago with a friend, but this will be the first one i am going on alone so something new for me too. we'll all be in the same boat and hopefully it will be a good group. are you going alone too ?

Yep so at least there will b a few of us!! Shud b fun;-)

yep should be. see you then :0)


I am going on the Amalfi trip too!!  Cant wait!  I haven't been on a holiday like this either and am on my own so I am in the same boat!!  Are you flying from Gatwick? 

Yes but I will be flying from Dublin the night before! Should be fun:-)

it will be here before we know it !

i'm flying on my own from Birmingham and changing via Frankfurt - there are no direct flights for me from Birmingham. i will be ahead of the group at Naples airport so bear with me if i am a bit bleary eyed when you all arrive !

see you on the 10th !

No problem...looking forward to it now!! C u soon:-)


Looks like it will be you and I at Gatwick from here then Toni!  Where are you staying the night before?  Any tips for what to take?!


My sister lives in Wandsworth so gonna crash there! I think Im going to just bring a few pairs of shorts n tops for during the day. Might as well get some colour!! Maybe a couple of maxi dresses for evening. Oh and a pair of walk boots;-)...not gonna go mad bringing loads. My sister did a similar trip a year ago and said just to bring comfortable clothes. We can exchange numbers closer to the time if u like so we can meet up before the flight!!

hi Toni and Debs !

just thinking - are you taking a walking pole ?? wasn't sure if one is needed ?

also i was going to take comfy trainers rather than boots or do you think we need walking boots ? about 5 yrs ago i did another Exodus trip to Rioja and it was similar in terms of walking to our Italy trip so don't think we will need proper walking boots ?

i am going to try and be sensible in what i am taking too and not overdo it

look forward to meeting you both

Julia ;0)


Hi Julia and Toni

The suggestion from Exodus was that we get a walking pole but I would rather not bother if I don't have to!!  I have never used one before!  I have actually bought some walking shoes rather than boots simply because I don't really have any trainers. They are just glorified trainers really.  I always end up taking too much!  Start of thinking I will just take a few shorts and t shirts and then think well I will just take this, and I might need ththis....!!  Only two weeks! 



Meant to say have you done much in training?!!!  I haven't and hope I will keep up the pace!

D I dont have walking ploes. I dont think its gonna be that kind of pace to be honest so I wouldn't worry about it. The spec for the holisay says moderate pace so we should be ok.
Roll on next 2 wks!!

not long to go at all now !

yes i have brought a pole as i asked them if you need  one and they said its individual preference so that didn't help me really ! as you say tho we probably won't need them.

you'll be fine in trainers i think - thats all i am taking. i am trying to be sensible and planning on taking just what i need :0/ we'll see ...

i haven't done any training - it's been too hot to exercise the last few weeks - well thats my excuse anyway :0/ i hope i can keep up the pace too. it will be hot hot hot there too :0)

see you guys soon



Cant believe it is less than a week now!!  I have bored a pole!  What are you doing as regards a back pack?

Did decide today that I ought to do a walk of some description but only managed one and a half hours - it is hard to find the time!!  Cant wait though!



yep not long to go now. looking forward to breaking up from work Thursday now :0)

i will bring my pole just incase .. i have a small rucksack which i think will be fine - i used when i went walking in Rioja and it was fine. you don't want to be carrying anything too big or heavy as it will be so hot and lots of walking ..

i'm sure as its only leisurely you don't need to train as such - i certainly haven't !

see you Saturday


Hope your all set! Really looking forward to it now. I don't have poles but I'm sure it will be ok. Trying not to bring too much with me but its easier said than done...
C u tomorrow :)

hey, I am nearly packed and ready to go. going to check in online in a mo.

safe journey and see you at Naples airport!

Julia :0) 

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