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Booked and ready to go.

We are Emma and Mike from the West Midlands.

We have just booked this trip and are really excited.

As the departure is guaranteed we just wondered who else is booked and ready to go.



Hi Emma - Mike  I am booked and ready to go on this trip 23rd July....I booked this date because it was advertised for solo travellers!! It would seem not! ha ha! anne marie


Good to hear from you.  We're booked for the week after you, 28th July.  It's the reverse departure so may meet you during the trip if we happen to crossover anywhere.

Really excited and can't wait.  We've wanted to do this trip for a long time but been unable to do so until now.  



anne marie yeh am excited too....maybe see you there then!!!! If I don't have a fab time.


I am booked on the same trip as you and will see you in Africa on July 28th. Liz


Hi Liz and anyone else also booked on this trip.

8 Weeks to go.  Can't believe how quickly its coming around.

We've had our Yellow Fever Vaccination today and getting our prescriptions tomorrow for Malaria tablets. Now got to find them at a good price, any ideas?



I have used Dr Thom for Malaria tablets for the last two years and they have been quick ( I am not sure they are the cheapest ). Luckily I am already up to date with yellow fever.

Only 7 weeks to go now!!

See you



Hi Liz and anyone else out there on this trip.

We got our Final Joining Instructions today.  Yippee. Can' wait.  It's getting so close now. 3 weeks and a little bit. 

We started packing the Kit bags at the weekend, they're bigger than they look (or we have not thought about a lot of things!).  

We're on the group flight out of Heathrow.  Will we see you there?

See you soon.

Emma & Mike


Hi Everyone

Looks like there will be 16 people on our trip as it has disappeared from the list. I am really looking forward to getting away from the south east during the Olympics, I hope we can all get to Heathrow on the 27th.

I am a very late packer so am likely to start on Thursday 26th!! I am very impressed that you have started so early.

Hope to see you at Heathrow



Rapidly running out of time to get things sorted but so excited.  Why is it work goes crazy when you get close to your holidays?

We have decided to get gaiters after reading some reviews on the gorilla trek.  Our kit bags and rucksacks are filling up nicely.  



Hi Everyone,

Spoke to Exodus and they gave us the group demographic.  There will be 12 of us on the trip (They have removed the dates as there are no more Gorilla permits available), 9 women and 3 men.  Ages late 20's to late 50's with a good mix of people travelling together and solo.

Slightly ashamed to admit were packed already. We'll be leaving for Heathrow late morning as we're not expecting an easy commute due to the olympics.  Hope to see some of you there.

Emma & Mike


I had the same idea so we could all be spending a long time at heathrow but better that than missing the plane. Do you know if we can get rid of our luggage as soon as we arrive or do we have to wait until later in the afternoon?

12 is a good number as it will mean that most of us will have a window seat when travelling. I was camping in South Africa last year, the monster (as we called the transport) is designed to contain 24 people and as there were only 8 of us we had plenty of room, 12 will be great as long as it is the same type of transport. If it is, our bags travel in a space at the bottom and get very dusty so plastic bags are very useful.

I can't believe that this time next week we will be waiting to get on the plane - as long as we get across London.

See you at Heathrow



Don't know about the luggage but we did get our e-ticket number from exodus so that we can check in online 30hrs before depature.  The final joining instructions said that we may only have to check our bags in once for both flights so that we won't have to worry about them when getting the connecting flight to Kigali. 

Read a thread somewhere about plastic bags being illegal in Rwanda.  Haven't checked this out yet  but may be worth while if your planning on taking some.

See you all in a few days!

Emma & Mike


I have just googled it and you are right; plastic bags are banned in Rwanda - so I will be bringing old pillow cases instead. Thanks for letting me know as I hadn't seen anything about the ban and I usually carry some for boots etc.

Only a few more days at work then we will be off - can't wait.

See you all soon


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