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Hi, anyone on the Bosnia Biking trip? Just thought I would try a post and see if any reply, seeing as I am travelling on my own!!

I am from Scarborough and this is my 2nd cycling trip with Exodus.


Hi Bob, I am on this trip. Also travelling on my own, so it is good to speak to fellow travelers before hand. I am from London and not done any cycliing holidays with Exodus before, but have been on several treks in Europe, Himalayas and Peru. Looking forward to Bosnia as I haven't been to that part of the world before.


Hi Chris, good to hear from you, doing much cycling? I have mainly been a roadie but we have great trails round here on the moors and the heather is a lovely bright purple at the moment so had a great weekend. I booked this to as I havn't been before and am doing a Rowing! event on the Thames on the weekend before so the flight from Heathrow fitted in nicely. Will have to chat about the treks as I would love to do a few of those but not sure my dodgy knee is up it!!


Hi Bob, I see from your last note that you are rowing on Thames just before the holiday. Are you competing in the Great River Race? I saw it last year as I live quite close to the river and plan to watch again this year. It's a greta event. Bets of luck for all your crew if you are doing it. I used to do a lot of rowing myself, so should try to put a crew together somehow for next year.


Thanks, yes it is a wonderfull event and suits the sort of offshore rowing we do, we have competed regularly over the last 20yrs or so and have done quite well as a club. (won the over 40's last year)

I wont be rowing this year, (need to save my bottom for cycling) so will probably be coxing one of our junior crews. If you are watching and are interested; we row wooden, clinker built fixed seat coxed fours. We should have 4 crews entered, with black and gold oars and kit and usually have a blue flag with the white Yorkshire rose on it.  I usually get the job of towing the trailer down but Sunday morning flight has saved me that job this year! I will however have time to do some 'Carb loading' over the weekend?



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