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The Zambezi Valley

Hi guys!

Me and my brother Chand have signed up for this 10 day canoe safari.

Anyone else on this forum going to be joining us?

Only 3 weeks to go!!! :)




 Me and my girlfriend Vic are going on the trip too.

Looks awesome, ready to fight off the Hippos. See you in Lusaka




Hey guys,

Reading your post made me laugh :) You two almost took the hippo fighting thing seriously eh? :P

Back to work and the trip feels so surreal already. Realised Chand and I took 1662 photos in Zambia! 


I agree with Panna- it does seem a bit surreal, although my colleagues seem surprised I am in one piece (not sure if they were hoping?!)  Look forward to seeing some photos- I don't have as many as I thought, and an awful lot of hippos- not that interesting to show others!  Am due to to a teaching session tomorrow though, and have been asked to do "Zambia"- might be a bit more interesting than "limb abnomalities" which is the title I have been given!



I think that we have close to 2000 photos but looking forward to seeing everyone else's.


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