Mount Bromo, Indonesia


Smouldering volcanic sunrises, inexplicable temples and tropical rainforest where orang-utans lurk

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Indonesia is located on a hotspot of tectonic activity in the Pacific Ocean, with 129 resulting volcanoes, known as the Pacific Ring of Fire. Travel to the lush islands of Java and Lombok – where you’ll summit Mount Rinjani – seeing spectacular sunrises, ancient temples and wandering through local villages along the way. On holidays here, you'll also explore the archipelago's fascinating customs and culture. With a population of around 238 million people, it is the world's fourth most populous country, and across its many islands Indonesia comprises distinct ethnic, linguistic and religious groups.

Indonesia holidays also offer up white palm-fringed beaches, verdant rainforests, exotic wildlife – including orang-utans – and a certain sense of Zen. You'll come across impressive Hindu temples, stunning rice terraces – the result of more than 2000 years of cultural exchange between India and South East Asia – and Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

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Expert opinion: Mount Bromo

This explosive volcano in East Java is the active cone inside the giant Tengger caldera, one of the area's most jaw-dropping destinations, and an absolute must-see on Indonesia tours.

“There are sunrise views and then there’s watching the sun rise over Mount Bromo. As the day breaks, the otherworldly peaks of Mount Bromo and Batok rise from the crater floor with Mount Senaru in the background, often reaching out from a sea of clouds with plumes of smoke drifting towards the brightening sky. The brutality of active volcanoes intertwined with the serenity of the rising sun is truly awe-inspiring.”

Exodus Expert Tom Harari. Read more from our experts here.

Cycling Indonesia was a brilliantly organised trip which offered a glimpse into a good cross...

Janet Young, 2019 Cycling Indonesia's Islands
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