Tour du Mont Blanc

5 Things You Need to Know Before the Tour Du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is an iconic trek by anyone's estimation. It's a classic alpine route, taking you through the finest scenery the Mont Blanc massif has to offer, from dramatic passes to charming green valleys. To enjoy it to the utmost, it is best to come prepared. Here are our top things you need to know before you take on Europe's most famous circuit. 

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Lac Blanc

The cumulative ascent and descent of the Tour du Mont Blanc is close to 9,000m – that’s equivalent to climbing Mount Everest (if you take out the altitude sickness!) So it’s a pretty impressive 10 days walking. The best way to prepare is to practice those ups and downs now, so your body is ready for the challenge ahead.

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Whatever the Weather

 Mountain mists on the Tour du Mont Blanc

You need to expect all sorts of different weather on the Tour du Mont Blanc. Whilst the altitudes are relatively modest (the highest point is 2537m) much of the trek is above the treeline, so you can get extremes at any time of year. Sometimes you will be greeted by beautiful sunny days, sometimes you might find yourself in downpours, sometimes you’ll even have patches of snow. The mountains are full of surprises – making it a true adventure.

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Do Bottle It Up

Staying hydrated on trek is crucial, and in the Alps it’s easy to do – if you come prepared. Bring a wide necked water bottle with you, even if you use a hydration system like Camelbak, because you can often refill from the natural springs and huts along the way. There’s no need to drink bottled water in the Alps.

Be Snack Happy

Even if you’re the person who is always prepared with a bag of trail mix and cereal bars, it’s worth budgeting for the snack stops along the way. Eating little and often will keep your energy levels up as you make your way around the circuit, and bringing your favourite snacks is a popular choice. But don’t underestimate the choices on offer. Mountain huts on the circuit are stuffed to the high wooden beams with treats – even the ones where their stock has to be flown in by helicopter! Keep an eye out for fantastic coffee and great hot chocolate in Italy and the tarte aux myrtilles in France.

Don’t Miss: The Views from Aiguille du Midi

The cable car to the Aiguille du Midi viewpoint is an optional extra, but it is definitely worth it. You have two opportunities on the circuit, so it’s best to go when the weather is on your side for those stellar views of Mont Blanc. If the skies are clear in Courmayeur (where you have a rest day on day seven) grab your chance – you’ll save 12 euros compared to the price in popular Chamonix. If the sun isn’t shining on you, wait until you get round to Chamonix. You won’t regret waiting for a clear weather day.

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