Brendan Phelan

Growing up in a flat part of Ireland wasn't the most obvious starting point for a love of mountains and travel, but it's something which has been with Brendan since he first made it to Nepal 15 years ago. These days, he still tries to squeeze in a yearly trip to some corner of the globe but managing both the Customer Operations team and a young family (not at the same time) keep his hands pretty full!

The sands of time

The small dot wheeling above me was a steppe buzzard. I only knew that because Mr Nabil had pointed one out earlier that day. Passing high to my left, it had appeared from over the red mountain to the south, which although looked close enough to touch, was actually 25 miles away across the Saudi Arabia border.

The red mountain, or jebel, sat close to the tri-point with Iraq. Steppe buzzards migrate through this region each spring, taking months to fly from their wintering ground in Sudan all the way to summer nests in Bosnia and the Ukraine.

The lost World and angel falls

Exodus Assistant Sales Manager Brendan Phelan recently visited the fascinating country of Venezuela on Exodus trip ‘The Lost World & Angel Falls’ a comprehensive circuit taking in the huge contrasts of Venezuela, including the Andes, Angel Falls and the wide plains of Los Llanos.

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