The Aurora dancing over Thingvellir N.P

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The days of needing two weeks to go on an adventure are over. It’s time to seize the moment and get efficient with your escapes, as we embrace with open arms the long weekend adventure.

 the view from the summit of Toubkal The goal: the view from the summit of Toubkal


Time was you’d need weeks – or even months – to manage to get away from the everyday, to find time to connect with wild places and conquer mountaintops. But regional flight paths are more frequent and convenient than ever before, reducing your time spent just arriving, and now there are so many places you can fit in on short notice – if you know where to go.

Wildebeest silhouettes in the Masai Mara A long weekend in the Masai Mara is surprisingly easy...


The joy of a weekend escape is the little travel top up for our day to day lives. Especially when you’re tied down to timings – perhaps you are determined to make the most of your annual leave, or you’re reluctant to be away from home for too long – finding an easy way to top up your adventure quota is crucial. Knowing you can head out, even for just a few days, and still squeeze in an exciting, thrilling escape? It’s tantalisingly achievable – and that’s what makes it so liberating. Unlike so many nations, we’re blessed to be so close to many other countries – just a few hours and we can be whisked away to the exciting locales of our European neighbours, and Africa poses no problems with the time zones almost eliminating jet lag for anyone prepared to take the plunge. It’d be rude not to, really.

Brown Bear at sunrise, in the wild Finnish woodland Brown Bear at sunrise, in the wild Finnish woodland


If it’s wilderness you’re after, Finland beckons, with its primordial forests and glistening lakes that are home to powerful bears wakened from their winter slumbers. It’s easier to get here than you think, leaving you plenty of time to hunker down in a cosy bear hide and hope for that magical sighting.

Bobsledding in Lillehammer Bobsledding in Lillehammer


For an adrenalin-fuelled weekend you’ll never forget, head for Lillehammer’s Olympic bobsled track. It’s not often you can answer the question of ‘How was your weekend?’ by saying you shared the same experience as an Olympic athlete and felt the incredible force of 5G – in exchange for just two days off work.

Gorilla Gorilla


In just one long weekend you could have seen the phenomenon of the Northern Lights dance across the sky, sat face-to-face with a wild Mountain gorilla, or tackle one of the most famous climbs of the Tour de France… In fact, there are many ways to make your weekends extraordinary, just a day or two off work. Easy and convenient enough to fit in around busy lives, adventures right on our doorstep, and an experienced leader to handle all the logistics and recommendations for you. It’s probably the most efficient adventure you’ll ever have. 

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