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Close Encounters and a Special Sunset: the Inspiration Project

Lioness on the game drive

Situated just six miles away from Kenya’s proud Maasai Mara lies Naboisho Primary School.

While people from around the world flock to this dream safari destination, the pupils of the school – and its teachers – had only ever heard the sounds of the animals, never heading into its reserves to undertake a game drive themselves – the cost was simply too great.

Heritage Sites and Supper: The Inspiration Project

Krishna Inspiration Project

In 2017, in was our plan to take at least 2,017 children from around the world on adventures – exciting and educational day trips that they’d never forget.

As we achieved our goal, we not only had the chance to introduce young people from the amazing places we visit to the incredible wonders of their home countries, but in turn, Adventure 2017 had a positive impact on our tour leaders too.

New Year Challenges

All too often the first couple of months of a year are scarred by broken resolutions and shattered fitness aspirations. Don’t let this year go the same way; we've got plenty of exciting challenges to awaken your motivational mojo! Travel plans are a powerful motivator - there's no better way to prompt those gym visits than the promise of the ultimate reward: an adventure.

Meet The Tailormade Team

Geothermal smoking field with people, Kerlingafjoll

Tailormade Adventures

Meet The Team

Our Tailormade team have visited over 100 different destinations and have over 30 years of expert travel experience between them.

To ensure they handcraft the best itineraries possible, the team travel regularly to expand their destination knowledge.

From a moving encounter with wild mountain gorillas, cycling the magnificent Mayan temples, to relaxing on idyllic beaches, our team are here to provide expert information and create incredible adventures.

8 Summits for 2018

Need a New Year’s resolution that you'll want to keep? Forget boring resolutions about what you’ll quit or lose, here’s one you’ll actually enjoy sticking to: summiting a mountain. From splendidly isolated peaks to iconic volcanic summits, there really is a mountain for everyone. Climb one and chances are it won’t be your last. Wherever you walk, the sense that the world is opening itself up to you step by step is one of the most liberating and uplifting experiences we can imagine. And if you want to talk uplifting, well, the only way is up...

Your Words Not Ours: Five Tailormade Testimonials

The idea is simple: have your adventure tailored to suit you. We can offer most of our holidays as Tailormade adventures; just tell us where you want to go and when, and our specialist team will carefully create a bespoke adventure suited to your travel needs.

We have over 40 years of experience crafting clever itineraries that get you to the heart and soul of a destination. You’ll benefit from the relationships we’ve built with local partners and our knowledgeable local guides. Between us, we know how to make your holiday the adventure of a lifetime.

10 Reasons to Choose Exodus on Your Tailormade Adventure

With over 40 years’ experience and multiple awards under our belt, we are excited to offer tailormade travel! Whether it be a once in lifetime honeymoon, birthday celebration or a private departure date for friends and family, our dedicated travel consultants are here to take the hassle out of planning the trip of a lifetime.

But of all the companies which offer tailormade, why should you choose us? We’ve compiled our top 10 reasons why you should embark on a tailormade adventure with Exodus.

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