Wildebeest, Masai Mara


Trending Now: Winter Olympics

Winter Olympic Medals

Inspired by the incredible feats of the Olympians? There's still time to fit in an Olympic-inspired escape before summer…

It’s hard not to get caught up in the spellbinding joy of the Olympics. From the incredible physical feats of the highly trained athletes, the nail-biting tension in the crowds, to the pure beauty of the snowy surroundings, it’s enough to melt the iciest heart.

A Not So Dirty Dozen: Photographic Highlights of Spitsbergen

Exodus’ famous Polar charters are deservedly popular. These photography-focussed spectaculars sail the seas just once or twice a year, accompanied by perhaps the most dedicated Polar experts on the water, a vessel filled to the brim with expert zoologists, accomplished sailors and award-winning photographers ready to share their knowledge and specialism with every passenger on board. 

Bestselling Adventures of 2017

Top 10 bestsellers 2017

So which destinations made the Exodus hot list for 2017? Based purely on the number of bookings, we disclose our top 10 bestselling adventures from the last year. Our travellers loved these itineraries, but don’t just take our word for it. Read the reviews for each trip to see just how popular they are! Practiced and perfected every year, these adventures are sure to exceed expectation, and you can experience them too!

International Women's Day - An Epic Adventure

Elise's Adventure

Thursday 8th March marks another International Women’s Day and a crucial new campaign theme centred around #pressforprogress. This year’s campaign will be even more significant as 2018 marks a century since women over the age of 30 won the right to vote in Great Britain.

To celebrate International Women’s Day we’re showcasing an epic expedition undertaken by our very own Elise, of the Exodus Marketing Team, who was inspired by the legendary female adventurer, Alexandra David-Néel.

Our Top Five Sicilian Street Foods

Sicilian Pasta alla Norma

Sun-kissed Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Blessed with both a rich culinary history and infinitely fresh ingredients, Sicilian cuisine is celebrated for its delicious simplicity and diversity. With gastronomical influences from across the globe, you can take your taste buds on a tour through dishes inspired by North Africa, Spain, Greece and the Middle East on our Sicily Food Adventure.

Movers and Shapers Kilimanjaro Challenge – October 2018

Exodus are partnering with Movers and Shapers, a bright and buzzing gym in the heart of Balham. Whatever your age, lifestyle or fitness level, Movers and Shapers will get you there with trademark Group Personal Training.

We are offering the incredible Kilimanjaro! With its gentle gradient and sense of unspoilt wilderness, the Rongai Route approaches Kilimanjaro from the north and is less crowded than the most popular trails.

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