Zebras Cuddling


Walking in a Winter wonderland

This is the part where I’m supposed to say how silent it all was.

But it wasn’t.

I could hear everything; the crunch as snow compacted under my boot, the distant burble of the icy river, even the soft whisper of snow landing on frozen pine needles. The forest was far from silent – it was singing. The black quavers of Finland’s Oulanka National Park quivered in the air, mingling with snowflakes.

Angored in the past, steeped in the sublime

By Sasha Reid

The monsoon is due to arrive at any moment and the Tonlé Sap is at its lowest ebb. Our boat scuffs the riverbed sending plumes of mud and silt billowing in its wake. Behind us, Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s present day capital; ahead Siem Reap, gateway to the ancient Khmer capital, Angkor. The journey is advertised as taking five hours, but today it will take twice that long, leaving me plenty of time for sunburn and daydreams.

Berbers, bracelets and Buddy Holly... Walking in Morocco

As I stood in line wondering what I was going to make for dinner, the cashier said, “That’s nice, where did you get it?” I looked down to see her pointing at my bracelet glimmering in the bright shop light.  Bought on my recent trip to Morocco, I had been promised it was the ’real deal’ - an authentic Berber piece.  At the time I didn’t quite manage to haggle for the knock down price I hoped for, and some of the ‘real silver’ had started to peel away, but I still loved it as it reminded me of the adventure I had enjoyed just a few weeks before...

Attenborough's Africa

The BBC spoils us with their visual spectaculars of the Earth’s wildest continent: Africa. Narrated by Attenborough, this is a steady supply of groundbreaking footage. From introducing us to new species, uncovering previously unseen animal behaviour and shedding light on some of the most remote parts of Africa, these documentaries promise great things, and they deliver.

Pilgrim's progress

Winding between the jagged spires of the French Pyrenees before threading its way west across Northern Spain to the Atlantic Coast, the Camino de Santiago is well and truly scuffed by the footprints of time. The Camino de Frances, The Way of St James, El Camino de Santiago, or simply The Way, this historic trail bears witness to over a thousand years of pilgrimage…

Burma - Frost thawing

Take a ride off the beaten track to unearth Burma’s hidden gems…

‘Burma by Bike’ – my excitement was initially clouded by apprehension. With the release of the ‘The Lady’ from house arrest in 2010, the end of the tourism boycott and a period of relative stability, the number of visitors to Burma has rapidly increased, turning from pariah to a must-see destination. I was afraid I’d find a country invaded by tourists and slowly losing its authentic character.

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