The Shah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran

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The cultural meeting point between Europe and Asia dazzles with its sophistication and artistry

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From the ruins of ancient Persepolis, as magic as it was in the days of the great emperors of Persia, to Mount Damavand, the towering volcano standing sentinel to the south of the Caspian Sea, Iran is a layer-cake of cultures and a land of haunting, stark beauty.

Iran tours reveal onion-domed mosques glittering gold, their minarets silhouetted against the sky, and complex handcrafted geometric designs within – this is Islamic art and architecture at its finest. Iran is a powerhouse of culture set against the backdrop of the desert. Tehran is the modern heart of the country, a metropolis that hums with life and energy. Bewilderingly intricate Islamic architecture dots the land, mystic temples and luscious gardens hailing from the old world, complemented by the barren wonder of the wilderness. Iran is the birthplace of Zoroastrianism, one of the worlds oldest and greatest religious systems, the influences of which can still be seen in the country today.

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Expert opinion: Highlights of Iran trips

The people: “From the man in Kerman who saw us looking lost, parked his car, came back to find us just to ask if he could help, to the owner of the Music Museum in Isfahan who gave one of our party one of his instruments because she’d shown an interest in it.”

Cultural differences: “One of the symbols of Iran is the headscarf, hijab or chador – though there are no burkas or niqabs here. In more conservative areas the chador, which is a long dark robe that covers the head and the body, is common. It’s still a legal requirement, but many of the Iranian women we meet are elegantly dressed, with manicured nails and make-up.”

Rich history: “As we journey through the country its rich history and culture is omnipresent. We wander through traditional adobe villages, merchant houses, desert forts and old towns. We explore cool, green gardens and admire the sheer size of Achaemenid ruins – none more impressive than Persepolis with its intricate bas-relief.”

Islamic art: “The Islamic culture has also created some of the world’s most beautiful buildings in the form of the various mosques and some of the palaces. These buildings are covered in delicately hand-painted tiles and coloured glass and are a pure feast for the eyes."

Exodus Expert Tom Harari shares highlights from his trip to Iran. Read more from our experts here.

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