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Holidays to the Norwegian Fjords, Norway

  • Naeroyfjord
  • Molden Peak, Norway
    Molden Peak, Norway
  • Picnic in the fjords
    Picnic in the fjords

The Norwegian Fjords are a stunning sight, geologocally unique and strategically important. Exodus has a number of tours which examine this feature. Why not call the travel experts at Exodus and discuss the various options open to you.

A fjord is a long, narrow estuary with steep sides, made when a glacial valley is filled by rising sea water levels. The seeds of a fjord are laid when a glacier cuts a U-shaped valley through abrasion of the surrounding bedrock by the sediment it carries. Many such valleys were formed during recent ice age when the sea was at a much lower level than it is today. At the end of the ice age, the climate warmed up again and glaciers retreated. Sea level rose due to an influx of water from melting ice sheets and glaciers around the world (it rose over 100 m after the last ice age), inundating the vacated valleys with seawater to form fjords.

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Walking the Fjords

Walking the Fjords

8 days Excl. flights From
GBP £1,799.00

Admire Norway's distinctive fjord landscape

  • Enjoy epic fjord landscape
  • Explore national parks
  • Relax in fjord-side farmhouse accommodation

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