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Adventure holidays in Arctic

Exodus offer a wide range of adventure, activity and wildlife holidays to the Arctic region. Arctic holidays are best taken in the summer months when it is bathed in perpetual daylight. The Arctic region is a pristine wilderness that only the most intrepid of travellers venture to. There are numerous definitions of the Arctic region, however the boundary is generally c... Read more

onsidered to be north of the Arctic Circle (66° 33’N). Socially and politically, the Arctic region includes the northern territories of the eight Arctic states, including Lapland, although by natural scientific definitions much of this territory is considered subarctic. Naturally, the Arctic region is one of the best places to go for Northern Lights Holidays during the winter months.

Articles on the Internet about an Exodus Comments on the BBC Wildlife documentary series 'Frozen Planet' and explains you too can visit The Real Frozen Planet (November 2011).


Extract from Expedition Leader Paul Goldstein’s log from June 2010

It shouldn't have got any better, but astonishingly it did as the Polar late show threw up three more bears, three more new bears sashaying across the ice like pneumatic Russian ice maidens bathed in a boreal glow only the privileged, bold few ever get to see. The weather lifted today, the ghostly stygian portals parted to reveal priceless treasures, this was one of those days, this was one of those expeditions, today was a selfless gift that kept on giving.

We were not even meant to come North on this expedition, we were only going to give this fjord a cursory glance and go out for an hour or so. Gambles like this one are bold plays, they court disaster yet this flirtation can fortune the brave. This was a power play on epic levels, seldom can there have been Zodiac rides like it.

Let's revisit it again: twelve bears including tiny cubs, one dead whale, two score of Glaucous gulls, three dozen fulmars, one troublemaking skua, three terns, two Snow buntings and one hundred awe-struck Arcticians. This was not a cameo on a charcoal-coloured beach or a Churchill vagrant trawling over landfill sites but an extravaganza set in a vast towering amphitheatre with every Polar pantone colour accessible, these were not Ursus Maritimus but Ursus Maximus - ivory clad gladiators in a glittering Coliseum. Just remarkable and no, not normal.

Remember this day, remember it on the train, tube, M25 or North Circular. Remember it when others are describing their tedious holidays and remember it when you talk to your children and then their children. Today was not usual but it was worked for, proper work: no line-managing, all day meetings, PowerPoint presentations or focus groups by stripy shirted consultants, just good honest graft. It paid off. In spades.


The Sunday Times reports on an Exodus tripEd Grenby of The Sunday Times writes: Wildlife and a Cold Snap in the Arctic (Oct 2011)
Nick Smith of The Telegraph writes: North Pole: Top of the World (May 2010)


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We booked our trip 6 months in advance and Paula was extremely helpful and efficient in arranging a private trip for our 2 families on dates that we requested. Our local guide Antonio and driver Alan were friendly, helpful, professional and went to infinite trouble to give us a fantastic holiday.
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