The Inspiration Project

The Inspiration Project

Helping children across the globe discover their world



Travel is about those rewarding moments you’ll never forget, about discovering new places and learning about different cultures. Now, we’re offering that chance to children all around the world, who would otherwise go without.

In 2017, Exodus committed to taking at least 2017 disadvantaged children from all around the world on exciting, educational day trips. By the end of the year we had taken a grand total of 2023 children away; these were the children who need it most, who wouldn’t normally get the chance to enjoy the wonders of the world in this way. It was so successful we have continued the project into 2018, and have now taken 4364 children on 137 trips in 28 countries. 

For one day at least, these children had the opportunity to share the same adventures as our travellers and to learn about their own natural and cultural heritage. For many of these children, it was the first time they’d ever left their villages or the place they grew up. They were able to learn more about their home country’s culture and history, and they saw some iconic sites.

In Kenya, the children were taken on safari in the Naboisho Conservancy, in India they saw the Taj Mahal for the first time and in Cambodia they marvelled at the sprawling Angkor Wat temple complex. In Bosnia, they left the city of Sarajevo and journeyed to the peaks and gorges of the Sutjeska National Park. While in Jordan a group of children left the capital city of Amman and laid eyes for the first time on majestic Petra.

These are just some examples of the trips we have organised all over the world so far. The trips are being run by Exodus leaders, who share their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the younger generation.

We believe that travel can be a transformative thing, a force for positive change in the lives of all involved. Our hope is that these day trips will be the inspiration that encourages these children to strive to protect and preserve the world as they grow up. And that is why this is called ‘This Inspiration Project’.



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