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Airport information in Hungary

Currently in Hungary there are 5 airports in operation, including 2 main airports:

- Ferihegy Airport in Budapest

- Saarmelleek-Balaton Airport in Lake Balaton region

As the largest airport in active airports in Hungary, Ferihegy Airport has flights connecting to routes in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. At the airport's main station area you can easily move to areas by taxi or you can travel a little further to catch the bus.

Airlines operating routes from Vietnam to Hungary

Hungary is a popular tourist destination that is famous all over the world for the wonderful beauty of nature and long-standing historical buildings. Therefore, in the past few years there have been many "boldly" travel companies opening more trips from Vietnam to Hungary. Since then, creating more mining markets for airlines to add Vietnam - Hungary flights to their route. At the moment there are about 25 airlines exploiting flights from Vietnam to Hungary. These include some airlines that regularly serve this route: Vietnam Airlines, Qatar Airways, Alitalia Linee Aeree Italiane, Cathay Pacific Airways, Dragonair ...

Hanoi - Budapest route: currently available by airlines: Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines, Qatar Airways, Alitalia Linee Aeree Italiane, Cathay Pacific Airways ... with a frequency of about 39 flights per day. There are currently no direct flights from Hanoi to Budapest, so depending on the airline that your flight will transit in some Hong Kong, Doha, Munich, Bangkok, Vienna cities ... This flight ranges from 325 USD or more. Check fare at:

- Ho Chi Minh City flight route - Budapest: currently there are about 12 airlines operating this route. In particular, Finnair, Vietnam Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Jetstar Asia ... are the airlines with the largest frequency of service. On average, there are about 43 flights a day operating on Ho Chi Minh City - Budapest routes. Fares for this flight range from $ 509 upwards.

- Da Nang - Budapest route: currently operated by airlines: Vietnam Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Pacific Airlines, Air France, Korean Air ... with a frequency of about 43 flights / day. Flights from Danang to Budapest will all stop in Ho Chi Minh City, so you can also balance your time and arrange a reasonable schedule. Fares for this flight range from 206 USD or more.

Best ticket booking for Hungary

From Vietnam to Hungary you can transit in 2 to 3 different cities with a waiting period that is not short, so you need to have a reasonable journey, short connection times, minimize costs. and ensure your own health.

If you already have a schedule for going to Hungary specifically for a long time to prepare, you should conduct a ticket in advance about 2 months from the flight date to get the best price from the airline.

Vietnam Airlines and Qatar Airways are the two airlines that often launch cheap flights for flights from Vietnam to Hungary. Therefore, you can also keep an eye on and take advantage of the opportunity to book cheap flight tickets to save costs for your trip.

In Hungary, each season has its own attractions. Winter, cold, gloomy atmosphere, museums and tourist attractions closed or limited hours of service. And this is also the time when air tickets to Hungary "cool down". April and May are spring in Hungary, the weather is usually gentle, warm, suitable for travel. Summer in Hungary is around late July to August, warm and sunny weather. Hungary's autumn is very beautiful, especially in the hills around Budapest and in the northern mountainous region. Around this time, the resorts in Hungary were quite crowded and the price of air tickets would be much higher. Therefore, if you plan to go to Hungary at this time you should proceed to book early.

To apply for a Hungarian tourist visa you need to prepare all kinds of documents such as: Visa application form (Declaration available at the Embassy); Passport (Passport is valid for at least 06 months up to the date of departure); Proof of occupation such as: Certificate of occupation or copy of business license. In addition to the above documents, there are also cases that require additional documents depending on the type of visa.

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