Anyone going on the 6th Nov trip?

Hi all, would be good to get to know the group that is going on this trip.



Hi David. I'll be joining you. I'm travelling with Nick, who I met on the Inca Trail last year (his wife got altitude sickness so is giving this a miss; my wife can't walk very well). I have done a few other trips with my daughter (Kili, Toubkal) but she's working now. Looking forward to it!

Hi David and John,

Me and my wife, Zoe, are going on this trip too as part of our honeymoon. Never been to the Himalaya before so both looking forward to it!


Hi both! Looking forward to meeting you! So excited for the trip, have either of you been to the Himalayas before? 


Hi Matt and Zoe. Wow, what a way to spend your honeymoon! No, I’ve never been to the Himalayas before. My daughter spent 3 months in Nepal on a WASH project during her gap year. I hope I can keep up with you youngsters, I’m 63 and trying to complete my bucket list while I still can!

Great to meet those who have come online so far!

Sounds like a good mix so far..honeymooners as well! I love hiking and have completed all the major UK peaks plus Toubkal, Tour Mont Blanc, Picos and Tatras. Always wanted to go to Himalayas so can’t wait!


Hi all, 

My wife, Nicky and I are on this trip.  Really looking forward to it.  I did the equivalent (in the Spring) with Exodus 30 years ago, it will be interesting to see the change.  I want Nicky to see it.  Don't worry about age John, I am 60!

We did Tour de Mont Blanc with Exodus earlier this year and last year did a self guided Alta Via 1 in the Dolomites.

Are you all travelling from Heathrow or any joining on the way?


Yes, Gwyn, I'm also travelling from Heathrow. Looking forward to meeting you and Nicky!

Helen & I will be Joining too - Flying from Glasgow -> Dubai-> Kathmandu.

Helen has been to the Gokyo Region in 2006 and the pair of us went to Annapurna BC in 2010. Looking forward to it.

Visas came back from Nepal embassy in 2 days. ;-)

Safe travels.




Hi everyone, the trip is getting closer and closer! Lots of packing starting to get piled on the spare room bed.

Quick question, what are people doing regarding visas? Applying for them now or getting them there? I've heard the queues can be quite long at the airport, but we're not sure if we want to risk losing the passports now by sending them in the post to the UK embassy.....

We went down the postal route. I downloaded the visa form from the Nepal embassy and  Posted RM special delivery on a Wednesday morning with  Postal orders for the visas, we got them back in the mail on Saturday AM. Super quick turnaround, so one less thing to do in Kathmandu  ;)

We went down the postal route. I downloaded the visa form from the Nepal embassy and  Posted RM special delivery on a Wednesday morning with  Postal orders for the visas, we got them back in the mail on Saturday AM. Super quick turnaround, so one less thing to do in Kathmandu  ;)

I got mine a couple of months ago, by post. Very quick turnaround, just a couple of days. Bit of a pain having to get a postal order - haven’t used one of those for years!

We got ours through the Travcour, the Expdus recommended service.  Doubles the cost, but I wanted to get my Passport back quick and take no chances.  About a week door to door and no postal orders.

I very nearly went direct to the Embassy by post and I think that route is as safe providing you send the appropriate tracked mail for the return leg.  Its not as though Nepal doesn't want us.

Sorry...2 more questions:

3. How much are we taking and in what currency?

4. What vaccinations are we going for, if any?

Dave Johnson has set up a Whatsapp Group - but his emails seem to have got lost in the ether. If you txt him on 07870 619 510 he will add you to it.


1. I am taking my own sleeping bag; I have a down one which is light and can compress quite small. To get the same warmth with a synthetic bag would be quite a bit heavier and bulkier.

2. I have my own crampons, but these are relatively heavy and I was thinking of getting Yaktrax as it’s only for a couple of hours crossing the glacier.

3. I am taking £600 Sterling.

4. I have had almost every vaccination going in the last few years (Typhoid, Hep A and B, Diptheria, Polio, Rabies, Yellow Fever, and MMR). The only one I haven’t got and decided against was Japanese encephalitis, which is more relevant if we spent any time lower down in the paddy fields.

Hope this helps.

1. We have our own bags. Duckdown  Very warm but also very large.  

2. I have crampons but have bought Kahtoola Microspikes as it saves over 1kg for each of us.  Whilst full crampons are nice, I suspect that they are rathr OTT for this trek.

3.  Not quite decided on money. Thinking about a mix of dollars and sterling.  The bigger question is how much to exchange to rupees for the time on the trek itself.  Need to decide before arriving as I do not want to waste time chnaging money when I can be looking around. Also want to retain some dollars in case of emergency - e.g. need to get out by Helicopter.

4. Just needed Tetanus, Hep A and Typhoid.  That was the NHS and our travel nurse adviced.  Probably had some of the others previously?  Suggest you get them soon as they tke time to kick in.  The Tetanus (I think) left me with various sore muscles etc for about a week.

I can’t find any reference to size / weight restrictions for cabin baggage for the Turkish Airlines international flights. I have an Osprey Stratos 36 which I was planning to use as a fairly large day pack and also carry as my cabin baggage. Has anyone checked - any idea if that’ll be OK?

Hi All.  Looking forward to meeting you all.  I'm a friend of JohnW (we met on trek in Peru last year).  Have been to Annapurna region c30 years ago, and fulfilling a long-held dream to trek Everest region.  In answer to some of the above.  Visa - called into the Embassy (20-minute wait).  Vaccinations - all the usual, including Hep A, Typhoid and Rabies (I had all these previously, so none needed for this trip).  Cash - I'm taking £sterling to change in Kathmandu.  Down sleeping bag and jacket - I'm hiring via Exodus.  Im taking Yaktrax, rather than crampons.  Luggage allowance - I'm concerned that the 10kg (hold) and 5kg (hand) on the flight to Lukla is quite light - guess will just need to wear everything!  See you soon.  Nick


Hi everyone, just reading through comments etc, I will be flying from Heathrow but coming in from Greece that morning. I have never done anything like this before, its gking to be a big adventure. As far as visas, I am going to get mine in Kathmandu, I didn't want to risk not getting my passport back to Greece in time. I look forward to meeting you all and enjoying an adventure 

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