Carpathian Walking & Bears

Anybody on here going on this trip? Wondering what folk are packing, how your fitness levels are, and just have a general chat.

Hi Diane,

Are you going on the one starting May 4? I live near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, so I am accustomed to the higher altitude and the ever-changing mountain weather. I would recommend packing some good, quick-drying layers and some sort of wind/water resistant shell, though not too heavy, to wear over it. I usually hike in trail runners but it all depends on your ankle strength. I plan on bringing hiking poles as they can help save your joints. It sounds like it could possibly be rainy so I will be bringing full rain gear (tops and bottoms) and an extra pair of shoes. I spend time in the mountains near my house all year so please reach out with any more questions. 

I'm on the one departing on 11th May.  I live in Scotland and do a bit of hiking, so I'm used to wet weather!  Definitely packing my walking poles, and lightweight, quick-drying walking trousers and shirts.

I tend to get too warm in even an expensive, breathable waterproof, so usually end up just getting wet :-)

My husband and I are on the 11 May Carpathian hike tour. Very avid hikers in the So West of the US.   Kate C (above) seems to have nailed it re: what to pack.  We travel very light but a hike trip like this I always bring no fewer than 3 pair quick drying hike sox, 2 quick dry pants and 2 shirts. While one dries in your room you can wear the other. And you could basically wear the same clothes all week and no one would notice! ;-) We also like wide brimmed hats not only for sun (a must where we live) but when rainy it keeps your face and neck dryer when your rain jacket hood does not. Poles/sticks really helpful on downhills. Pack whatever layers for under your rain jacket you personally feel you need. Eager to meet fellow hikers — see you at the airport in Bucharest! 

That looks very much like my packing list. Plus a couple of "nicer" tops for dining out in Brasov, for example. (Which still get worn with Craghopper trousers!).

Exodus does have a "What to take" list:

I would never have thought to pack a lunch box if I hadn't looked at it. 

What flight routing are you taking?  I'm not on the group flight - instead I'm flying via Amsterdam from Edinburgh, which gets me into Bucharest at 5.20pm. The group flight doesn't arrive until 8.05pm so I'll be finding a bar to pass the time.

hi Diane, I’m on the same trip and also in Scotland, what part are you from? Flying to Luton the day before as my sister lives near there. 

I actually live in Edinburgh. I found I could get a flight via Amsterdam for less than the difference between the "land only" and "flight included" that Exodus were offering. 

I’m in Edinburgh too! Be good to hear where you go walking. 

I actually spent the weekend up doing the South Loch Ness trail, which was great, but more challenging than expected for my first big walk of the season - I can barely move today, so I hope that loosens up before the weekend!

I've done a lot of the walks around here - Water of Leith Walkway, Union Canal, John Muir Way and Fife Coastal Path. Don't let that list fool you - I am worried about my fitness for this trip, especially on uphills.

I think you’re doing better than me, though have done some very steep walks in the Pentlands lately. I wanted to go to the bear sanctuary and kind of glossed over the amount of walking...  I am pretty fit so hoping it’s OK!

Looking forward to the trip and trying to find time to get some training walks done

Hi Linda,

it hole be a good idea to start your own thread for your trip in June. I’m just back, so can pass on some advice.

Make sure you have broken-in boots. One in our party has brand new boots and really struggled.

Walking poles are pretty essential, as there are lots of steep, muddy uphills and downhills.

Take a lunchbox - you raid the breakfast buffet for your lunch.

If you like snacks like Twix, Kitkats, cereal bars, crisps - take your own. Not available at the hotel, and nowhere to buy in the village.

Take cash in Lei or Euro - you have to settle your bar bill in cash. However, my bar bill, including a couple of bottles of beer most nights, and three bottles of wine, was a total of £34. Amazing.

You also have to pay for the bear hide trip in cash - €45.

There is a 4G data signal, which is better than the hotel’s WiFi.    

You do not need dressier clothes for the evenings 

Thanks very much Diane that' really helpful

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