Concerns about Myanmar

We are due to be going on the Discover Myanmar trip in November but we're extremely concerned about the ethnice cleansing there which seems to be happening with the consent of the non muslim population. I have been in contact with Exodus about this, but we're seriously on the verge on not paying our balance next week and looking for an alternative desination.  Anyone else having second thoughts?

I too have major concerns regarding the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya muslims from Myanmar and also have emailed Exodus. However, I had already booked and paid for my flight independently and would lose a lot of money if I cancelled, so I have today paid the balance and will go ahead with the trip. Had I just been planning to book now I'd have gone elsewhere 

So we listened to Aung Sang Suu Kyi's speech last week and really felt that the situation wans't likely to improve and we weren't happy travelling to country where both the UN and Amnesty International agreed an ethnic cleansing was taking place. Three days before our balance on Myanmar was due Exodus were more than helpful in allowing us to change our destination entirely - to Vietnam - exactly the same dates and somewhat cheaper overall as it happens. No penalties incurred - which amazed me.  The company couldn't have been more helpful, understanding and accomodating.   Having said that, had we been in the same situation as you - and had booked our flight independantly - we simply couldn't have afforded to make that change and we would have gone ahead as you did. I'm sure you'll have an absolutely fascintating time. We were both really sad to make the change but grateful to Exodus for making it possible for us.  It certainly illustrates the advantages of booking flights in-house so to speak. 

I'm a late booking to the tour for 18th November - last place, I think.  I'm uncomfortable about holiday-ing in a country where people are subject to ethnic cleansing, but I decided that not going wouldn't help the Rohingya and instead I will make a donation to their appeal fund.

Anyone planning to do the balloon ride in Bagan, seems that we have to book it before departure?

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