Cycle Indochina & Angkor 9th Nov 2019 trip

Hi I'm going on the cycle trip starting in Bankock flying out from Manchester on 9th, would be nice to see who else is on the trip Diane

hi Diane, I am also going but departing Glasgow. Looking forward to it. I did India last year and it was fantastic. So this one I am sure will be a similar standard.


Hi john i  am also going on the trip with Diana , which Indian trip did you go on ? 


Hi Kersty, I did Kerala via Mysore and the coast to Travandrum.


Hi all,


I’m going on the cycling trip as well and flying out from Manchester on the 9th November. This isn’t my first exodus trip but it will be my first cycling holiday, looking forward to it and meeting up with the group as well. 




Hi Mark

who you flying with as Kersty and myself are flying out from Manchester on the 9th we are going Turkish Airline 

Hi Diane, I’m going out with Cathay pacific on the 9th November, my flight leaves at 11.30am from T2 

We fly out @ 11am not sure of the terminal Meet you in Bangkok 

No worries I fly to Hong Kong and I’m due arrive in BGK  at 9.55am. So will see you in just over 3 weeks time. 

We are on the cycling trip too, our first one. Looking forward to meeting you all.   We fly from Manchester on 8th November. For those who have cycled with Exodus before have you any tips?

Tracey & Peter

Hi Peter and Tracy,

I did the India trip last year. My tips are to bring a padded saddle cover and a water bottle that will keep water cool. I would also have a bum bag for cycling to keep your valuables in.

Hope this helps and I look forward to meeting you.


Hi I went  on the indian cycling trip last Easter it was amazing , I did not take enough tablets to put in my water bottle , looking forward to meeting you all  kersty x

I think it already mentions to bring swimwear in the trip notes, but I've been reminded again. A friend of mine did this trip two years back and said almost all the hotels we stay at have pools, perfect after a day of cycling. I checked with Robyn (our customer ops rep) and yes 11 nights out of 13 we've pool access and on one day there's a opportunity to swim in a reservoir at lunch time. So I'm definitely not missing out on this. Thought I'd let you know, in case you wasn't already aware. Cheers 😀 

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