Cycling Back Roads of Sri Lanka departing 4th Feb

Hi From Australia.

My husband Mark and I will be joining this trip in Sri Lanka.  We fly in from Australia a few days before so will meet the group at the airport. Any body got any hot tips for Sri Lanka? We're looking forward to meeting everyone. 

there will be 4 of us joining you from Canada we arrive on the 2nd currently looking into day trips for the 3rd! Getting exited for some warm weather. Looking forward to meeting you both in 3 weeks


Looking forward to meeting you all. Quick question...are you wearing loose cycling gear? I think I read somewhere that fitted outfits are not the done thing in Sri Lanka but I'll have to go shopping if thats the case. Are you spending the days before the trip in Colombo and meeting the group at the airport? If you want you can find me on Facebook...Elaine Langridge from Perth Western Australia if thats easier. Getting excited. 

Cheers Elaine 

Hi Elaine, I did this trip about 5 years ago. In general you'll be OK to wear fitted cycling shorts whilst cycling. You'll need to have your knees covered when entering temples. I guessing that it'll be in the itinerary when you have days that include temple stops. In our group that was addressed by people wearing overshorts that covered down to their knees or alternative men and women in the group would wear a sarong to cover their legs. As a female cyclist you'll need to make a judgement call on a fitted lycra top, it's usually good practice to not have your shoulders exposed. The women in our group wore regular cycling tops.


Thanks for the advice Ed. A sarong is a great idea for the temples. Cheers

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