Cycling Vietnam 26/03/16-10/03/16


I thought I would make this thread as it is a good opportunity for those of us going on this Cycling Vietnam trip to chat!

Hi I am a complete novice as this is my first cycling tour
Any information useful tips will be gratefully received.
At present I'm pondering on what form of luggage to take and when on the overnight train, boat will our luggage go with bus and we just take an overnight bag .

Hi Val,

I am in the same boat as you!

I think investing in a pair of padded cycling shorts is probably a good idea. But otherwise I have just been using the trip notes as a guide really, but what do I know?

Definitely , the padded pants are top of the list! And some soothing cream.
What are you taking case or rucksack?
Do you do a lot of cycling

Well I will take a suitcase and probably a rucksack as well. I used to do a lot of cycling, but not recently in the last few months.

How about you?

Similar to you I did cycle a lot until I fell off my bike last summer and broke my arm have been in plaster until October
Have been trying to do hill climbs in the gym but once weather better will get out
Not too worried as there is always the support bus!

It doesn't sound too bad, average of 40miles a day on flat roads etc. I tore my ACL last May and had surgery last August, but should be fit enough to cycle!

Just saying hello as we are looking forward to joining the trip. A couple of pairs of padded shorts or padded pants will allow for daily washing - one set to be drying while you wear the other. Otherwise looking to travel quite light.
Our second group cycling trip but we have done some other self organised trips in Europe. The itinerary looks great.
Probably just a light overnight bag for the train and boat.

My name is Phil and I hope this is the cycling Vietnam trip 26/3/16 to 10/4/16 (header says 10/3/16) I am coming with my son. 3rd Exodus trip. Wonder what clothes to take as the north ie Hanoi etc still looks cool.Any tips re malaria/insect bites?

Hi all, so looking forward to going now as my first trip quite nervous but overall excited
temperatures for the north and South are creeping up so hopefully won't need too many heavy clothing
What currency is everyone taking is dongs and dollars a good mixture

Hi Vietnam trippers, I did this trip 4 years ago as my 1st Exodus cycling trip. It was a fantastic experience and the other people were always fantastic. Dont worry about your cycling experience too much, there are always some people on the "moderate" trips who havent cycled for a while. Last time we had a girl who said she enjoyed everything except the cycling! On our Vietnam trip we had the chance twice to get our clothes washed by locals (cheaply) . Gel Saddle covers are an alternative to the shorts. I take my own gel saddle and skip the paddy shorts. A small rucksack for the train is a good idea. I dont know about the weather in March as we went in Aug although I do remember it being very chilly in Delat (which is high up) where a fleece would have been better than a summer cardigan.

Hi Deborah
Thank you for the info you have covered most queries
What are the best buys over there , is it best to take a mixture of dongs and dollars and on average how much did you spent each day?
Looking forward to the trip including the cycling ...

friend of mine recently returned from vietnam and say dong, best to take / use card c.o.n. but would be interested in other thoughts re dollars and how much to take.

I did this trip exactly 3 years ago - wonderful! To answer a few queries from my experience, got a good supply of dong on first night (plenty of ATMs), and didn't really need my dollars I'd brought from UK. The North was noticeably different to South and just a tad chillier, so wore my fleece in evenings. Gel saddle good. Cycling all scale able - be at the back if you want to go slower and admire the wonderful scenery (and people). Enjoy.

I am going on the Vietnam trip from 26/03 and looking forward to it, like everybody wondering what to take.

I am a very expireinced rider with many Tour de Frances undertaken, but was wondering if the tour supplies left handed bicycles as I am left handed.

I was also wondering if we create a tour theme of everybody wearing pink bicycle pants for the entire tour

Any thoughts ???

Is anyone taking the flights from Heathrow that could have been booked with the trip?

Has anybody got a spare prosthetic left leg?

As I am only taking the one and concerned if I lose it, it will be hard to cycle with one foot

Dongs and fleece it is then and a big no to the pink cycle shorts would clash with my milk white hairy legs.

One foot is ample

Thanks for the feedback on the bike pants

Just wondering if someone could clarify if I can still ride on this cycling tour even if I have a doping ban from the International Cycling Federation?

Having a ban is one of the requirements of the tour so you will be fine

re Vish query re Heathrow Iam travelling from Manchester with my son and will arrive c 1 hour latter than main group from Heathrow. Dong rate appears to have dropped a lot recently any ideas is it better to purchase in Uk or Vietnam?

Hi all, what time are people arriving in Saigon
I'm travelling via Paris so arriving about 10am on the Sunday

Hi Val -Fly from manchester to singapore on 26/3. and from singapore to saigon(HCM) on 27/3 arriving 10.55am Understand main group arrive

Hi Phil .. That sounds like a nice route. I'm flying from Manchester to Paris then Saigon.
I guess we will all meet up in the hotel during the day.
Getting close now

Sorry Val didnt reply earlier. We also just used our debit card at ATM machines to get dongs. One more tip..dont forget to leave plenty of room in your suitcase if you are likely to get clothes or shoes made in Hoi An. I bought a skirt and dress to be copied and between my husband and I we also had 4 shirts, 2 trousers, 2 tops and 2 pairs of shoes made (the shoes were made in 4 hours!).

I have never been with a group with team colours, and in fact on my 1st trip I mostly wore normal shorts and T shirts. We did however meet a couple who "pimped" their bikes.

Hi Deborah thanks for the tips
Sounds like you had a brilliant time
Can't wait to get on plane now

Hi Val & Deborah
Val --me & Pete (my son) fly out of Manchester on 26/3 -flight leaves @ 8.45 am - may see you at airport.
Deborah - thanks for info. I am only occasional cyclist ie now and then on hols / training for Vietnam etc. So I will be wearing normal shorts/tshirts + using all important gel seat!!

I'm not a big cyclist so glad to hear I may not be alone at the back struggling up the hills. Get some padded shorts Phil, you may need them!

To all,

Due to the potential of me peddling with one leg, Is anybody keen on going on a tandem bike with me?

Only condition is that I am on the front. Think how wonderful the view would be of Vietman behind me for 11 days

val - use gel seat which i find really good. Re flight ,on checking seats just discovered as well as long flight the schedule includes 1 hour 'layover' at munich airport, just another experience I guess!!

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