Families travelling around Sri Lanka 28/3/15

Hello :) are there any families on this trip travelling on 28/3/15?

Hello, yes, us, us! Very much looking forward to it. We are a family with 2 boys who will have just turned 7 and 9 at the start of the trip.

Hello!!! Was getting worried no-one else on the trip lol...we are a family of three with one boy who will just have turned 10 by the time at the start of the trip :)

Great, boys of similar ages all with recent birthdays to talk about. It looks like the trip is sold out so there must be at least another couple of families coming. Do you mind me asking what jabs you've decided to have?

Hi, we are travelling on that trip - with our son, 13 and daughter 11. Getting more excited now we have started having our vaccinations. The children are having Hep A/B combined and had Tetnus as they are ok for Typhoid (think that's the right way round). Myself and my husband are up to date on Hep A but had B (not vital but just incase), tetnus and typhoid. Were scared when the nurse suggested we think about Rabies at 3 shots each at £55 per shot and Japanese Encephalitus (2 doses at £88 each!!) but the travel clinic said we'd be ok for just two weeks if we are near medical help and use insect repellent carefully.

Hi to both families..we are off to Travel Clinic tomorrow so will let you know what they say.... Rabies sounds a bit over the top to be honest...I'm an independent travel agent so haven't ever advised on that one but things change all the time...will ask when we go! Prevention (ie good insect repellent) is more important I would think so good advise there....

We had Hep A & Typhoid...ok for Tetnus as up to date.. Lots of advise on prevention rather than having expensive jabs you don't really need....I'm investing in a really good insect repellent & taking oral hydration etc for stomach upsets... Again avoid ice in drinks, only drink bottled water & check ice-creams are pasteurised...mainly directed at our son which he now keeps repeating to me religiously!!!!

Are any of you runners? Am toying with the idea of bringing my kit but am unsure about whether I'll get hassled/feel safe if I go out running by myself in Sri Lanka.

Hello :)I'm sure I saw something about running on one of the reviews on the trip page....mentioned dogs as a problem while out running but don't quote me on it!

My husband might run. Safety in numbers? My daughter, 11 nearly 12, wants to know, are there any girls going??!

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