Finland Trip!

Hi there everyone!

I thought I'd drop by and say hi, and see if there are any fellow travellers heading to Oulanka between 12th and 19th January...?

We're doing snowshoeing from the 19th to 26th from Oulanka Basecamp. Last xmas we did the Wilderness weekend from there too. Awesome!

Hi Kate

I'm on the same trip as you. I'm really looking forward to trying something totally different. I'm on the group flight from Gatwick, Are you? 

Hi Iain.. looks like we'll just miss you as we leave on 19th! Have a fab trip!! 

Hi Claire! Yes, I'm flying from Gatwick early on the 12th. really looking forward to it, too! i've  heard it's already really snowy.. just can't wait to see it! Have you done anything similar before? Do you ski?

Having done your trip last year, I can answer any questions you might have 

Hi Kate, I've never been skiing so all the activities are going to be new to me. I went to Iceland last winter glacier hiking but that was my first "cold weather" holiday. Do you ski? 

Thanks Iain - I am sure I (we) will have tons of questions...

Did you take your own cold weather gear, or did you use the provided stuff - and if so, how was it? Could you also share what type of boots you took - normal hiking boots or did you need proper snow boots? And finally (for now, anyway!) do you remember if the cabin has wifi or a decent phone signal for basic use such as emails/messaging? Thank you so much in advance... :)

Hi Claire

That's great, I have been skiing twice in total but I am not confident at all, although I gather cross country skiing is not the same, so I am sure it will be fine! I am really looking forward to the walking/hiking, the hot tub and just getting away. Are you all set with packing or do you have stuff left to get?! 

We wore our own thermal (Merino Wool) base under layers and thick socks, on top of which you wear the 3 or 4 layers that Exodus provides -including gloves boots, hat, head torch and flask which is excellent and proven to be more than adequate for your needs during your holiday, so no need to take your own (which might not be adequate).  When you all get kitted out, ask for a size smaller in everything than your usual size as everything seemed big.

You'll wear this gear all the time you're outside. The only time you'll be wearing your 'civvies' is in the main cabin for food/drinks and relaxing. Bear in mind it's only 5 to 30m away form your accommodation across flattened snow! I just took a pair of leather street boots. Don't take 'posh' clothes -just comfy casual stuff. So you really don't need to take many clothes at all!

No Wifi in the cabins, but there is in the main communal cabin, so no problem.

Great fun learning to X-ski. None of us had done it before. There was a chap you was a regular agressive downhill skier, but really struggled as the skis are much narrower -different skill required.

Another bit of advice -put your camera (even a phone) in a thick sock inside your pocket to keep it relatively warm. Take it out to take a photo and put it back in after. In that freezing temperature the batteries die much quicker. When back at your warm cabin, leave it in sock or out in open for a while to even out the temperatures before you turn it on to avoid condensation on the lens.

Any other questions, let me know

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm booked for the snowshoe trip leaving 26th Jan. I haven't done it before as I'm not the hugest fan of the snow, (I know!) but it looks really pretty - and no experience required! Since they lend you boots, I was wondering what socks I should take? Should I go for the mix of a thin liner and some fat boot socks that I'd usually wear with my big hiking boots? Or midweights that you'd wear on their own? For some reason I have started to obsess rather irrationally about this.

Many thanks in advance,



They do supply socks, but these will be worn in addition to the ones you bring. We took 2 pairs of ski socks each -nice and thick, AND long so they go above your boots (some of the boots are higher than others)

You end up wearing 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves and at least 4 layers!

Finland snow is so much nicer than ourss. it's dry and crispy, so no sludgy stuff that we get

Anyone doing the Finnish wilderness week from 19th January?


Thanks Iain! That's really helpful.

I'm off to check the length of my socks now :) 


We did it last year and will be there from the 19th, but this time doing snowshoeing which has a fair bit of repetition from last year

Sandra - sorry, no, I'm doing the same trip but between 12-19 so will have left before you.. hope you have a great time!

Thanks Iain! Those tips are really helpful.. I have been wondering what to bring and how much I'll need. By the sounds of it, very little!

Just another quick question - is it worth bringing food/snacks/wine? 

Thanks for the tips Iain. I was going to take my own snow boots as I have them already but if the kit is good quality and good fit I might leave them at home and travel extra light. 

Hi Kate. It's good to know I'm not going to be the only one trying these activities for the first time. I'm hoping that when I get my backpack out of the loft it will have all my winter stuff in it. after reading Iain's comments I think I'm going to travel as light as possible (which I'm rubbish at)!  Think I'll just take thermal base layers, socks, walking trousers and fleece tops for lounging in. Can't forget the swimsuit for the sauna and hot tub! 

Looks like I'll see you there on the 19th Iain.

I was there in the summer for the bear watching, it was stunning.

See you soon 👍


No need to take snacks, wine etc. There's a bar at basecamp and you'll be provided with all food and packed lunches. I suppose there's nothing wrong with taking a few snack bars just in case.

Claire G

Yeah, we just wore light weight technical walking clothes for when indoors at Basecamp.

Don't worry about the fact you haven't done the activities before. None of us in our group last year had and learning together is a major part of the fun!

Hi everyone - I'm joining the 12 Jan trip - getting excited now!  Thank you Iain for the tips, very helpful.   

Hi Lyndsey! Welcome along! Great to have another traveller. I am getting excited too, can't believe it's on Sunday. Are you joining the group flight from Gatwick?


Hi All. 


Myself and my husband Joseph will be joining you on the 12th Jan wilderness week. 

Looking forward to meeting you and learning some new skills. Safe travels to you all 



Hi Kate and Rachel - nice to "e-meet" you. Kate - yes I'm flying from Gatwick at that ungodly hour! Guessing you are too?

Hi Lyndsey and Rachel. 

Cant wait to meet you all on Sunday. Guess there are a few of us on that early flight. I best get packing! 


Hi everyone! I am also travelling from Gatwick on Sunday. My first trip to Finland - right now full of anticipation and a bit of apprehensio. I'm a solo traveller and looking forward to meeting you all.

Sorry guy's if i'm being really blind but i can't see anywhere on our information what terminal the flight leaves from on sunday morning?

Looking forward to meeting you all too!  I think it's North Terminal Rachel.  I'm going by the "N" next to Gatwick in the itinerary (and - just to be sure - I just googled Tui flights and apparently they always go from North).  See you there!

Hi .. just discovered this conversation, hello Kate, Claire, and all... thanks Iain, have mostly packed but will start unpacking!  See you at Gatwick.  I'm the old one who's hoping she's fit enough... looking forward to meeting you all, nearly there, getting excited now...

Hi there, just wondering if anyone else on the same trip as me. Never done this before, but really excited. All the above tips are really helpful. Can anyone advise on whether need proper walking boots, or do the boots they provide which join on the snowshoes work for any other walking on the snow that we may do? Any advice on that would be great. Enjoy your trips everyone!

Claire S
The boots they provide will be good for your snowshoes and any other walking in the snow. The only other times you'll walk on the snow without your proper gear on is between your accomodation and the main communal cabin for meals etc...and that is just a few meters!

Hi Iain, thank you for letting me know about the boots. I've never done Snowshoeing so just trying to get my head around what to take. From everyone's comments, it sounds like not too much! cheers, Claire S

Hi, I'm a bit too early to the forum as not going until February but wanted to thank Iain for the useful info. Have a great trip everyone!

Hi there, Just wondering if anyone is off Snowshoeing in Finland, departing from Gatwick this Sunday? Apparently, there are 9 of us in the group all together. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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