Finnish Wilderness Week 9 to 16 December 18

Hello all, 

I have not long booked this trip and thought I'd introduce myself. 

I am from the south east of England and new to winter sports. I do a lot of running usually.

I am really looking forward to trying some new pursuits and this trip looks perfect.

Feel free to introduce yourself and join in the conversation.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Best wishes


Hi, I'm on this trip to. I'm really looking forward to it. Some of my friends I've met on other trips have been on this one and all have said how good it is. I've been dog sledding before, great fun but every thing else will be a new experience for me.


Hello Andy and Mike, I’ve just booked thi trip, I’ve never been to Finland before.  I’ve done skiing downhill and cross country, but never been snowshoe dogsled or built an igloo! I do Nordic walking and the Park Run andbi cycke to work.  I look forward to meeting you And having fun. X

Hi Linda 

I've been to Finland in the summer but looking forward to seeing it in the winter. Fingers crossed for some northern lights. There's going to be lots of new experiences for all of us on this trip 

Great to hear from you both. Welcome along. It should be a really exciting adventure. I've not been to Finland before, only Sweden.

There's just over two months to go, so hopefully we'll get some other people introduce themselves before we head off. 



i just booked! Never been skiing or snowshoeing, but I do turn into a 5 year old in the snow!!! Snow angels anyone

hi Vicki!, hello, I’m Linda ! I look forward to meeting you and  do snow angels with you! 

hi Vicki!, hello, I’m Linda ! I look forward to meeting you and  do snow angels with you! 

Hi Vicki I'm in on the snow Angels, looking forward to meeting you 

Welcome along...this sounds like fun... I'm up for snow angels, 👼 snowman ☃️ building and maybe a bit of snowball chucking too! Let all be childlike and have a giggle. It's our holibobs after all 😉

Excellent news, I like this group already 🎿⛄️❄️

Hi everyone, this is our 6th Exodus trip and we are really excited to be going to Finland. we have been snowshoeing and skiing before but everything else will be a first. Looking forward to meeting you all in a winter wonderland!

Hey Jaki & Nigel,

Welcome onto what is looking like it is going to be an amazing adventure. I hope you are not novices at building snowmen and snow angels as it seem these are included on this group's alternative itinerary 😉

Looking forward to meeting you both in the wilds of Finland.

Hi jacki and Nige. Iv been on a few trips with exodus before too so looking forward to hearing about your other trips.
Is everyone here going from Gatwick? Maybe we could all meet up at the airport? 

welcome Jaki and Nige. I’m heading off from Gatwick. Look forward to meeting you. MikeJ I would like to add snow leaping to the alternative itinerary (essentially just jumpin in deep snow!)

I'm going from Gatwick as well. I paid my outstanding balance at the weekend so am all hot to trot. 😊

Vicki I am sure that there will be a general consensus on snow jumping and maybe even driving and bellyflops too. 😂😂😂 Possibly even swimming

The only caveat is that these are entered into at the paticpartici own risk! Will you draft a disclaimer for us! 😉

Also I have spokeb to them lovely people at Exodus who have advised me that there are two departures for this trip. This means that whilst we share the same location and probably accommodation, there will be two distinct groups with different schedules of the same itinerary. Hence we won't be necessarily in the same groups for the set activities. 

And has everyone clocked the 15kg hold / 5kg hand luggage restrictions!

My plans to pack my toboggan are well and truly buggered! 😋

Excellent video!! 

Hi All,

I've heard many positive things about this holiday from friends who've been on this trip before. Looking forward meeting you all too. Hopefully will see some of you at Gatwick before the 15:30 depart.


Welcome along Ed, looking at the forecast it certainly seems it's going to be snowing.

Last minute preparation going on here, get currency and the like. All gearing up for the off on Sunday. 

Maybe we'll get a few other people say hi before then. 

Safe travels to the airport all. Maybe see you there!

FYI I don't look anything like my profile pic....well maybe a little!!


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