Inca Trail (TPT) : 8/9 Sep - 17 Sep

Anybody out there?

Hi Gee, my brother and I are on this. I leave from Perth on Sept 6th and after picking up Daryl (coming from Ballarat) in Sydney, will arrive in Cuzco very early on the 8th. There maybe some jetlag involved at this point. 

First time we've travelled together since we were about 10! We're also doing the Lake Titicaca extension after.


So good to hear from someone doing the same trip. I leave from Heathrow on 8 Sep and arriving in Cuzco on 9 Sep (PM), no running away from jetlag for most I guess.

I am only doing the Inca trail this time round, would have loved to do more, perhaps next time.

Not heard from anyone else in the UK doing this trip, seems I will be staking out at the bag drop in Heathrow on the day looking for the "exodus travels" soft bags and introducing myself, to the person not the bag :-).



Hi Grace / Trev, 


My friend and I are also doing this trip from the UK. Starting to get a bit worried about the jet lag now! Hopefully we wont' be too grumpy! Looking forward to meeting you guys! x

Good to hear from you. Looking forward to meeting you guys as well. Nearer to the date we can plan to meet up in heathrow for a meet and greet before departure.

How are the preparations going? Boots, walking poles, bags, getting fit :-) etc.

Hi Lois an Grace, if its ok we might give the Heathrow meet and greet a miss :)

I have boots broken in, ready to go. I have a set of walking poles somewhere and was going to see if they fit in my bag as the last thing, otherwise will hire them there. 

Getting fit, we've still got time right ? 

My last travel vaccination this weekend, then will be ready to go, just a few short weeks away! 

Uh oh - do we need vaccinations?! I haven't had any! Boots are ready to go, poles should fit in the luggage so i think im almost there! My friend is on a cycling holiday this week with Exodus so no doubt she'll be fitter than all of us on her return! Never mind - take things at your own pace is what I've heard!

Trev you guys are missing out on the party of the year re Heathrow meet and greet, we might save it for Cuzco, who knows :)

Guessing it's better prevention than cure on vaccinations. I have not had any as well but will arrange for some. Wondering if we are required to have any paper work on vaccinations e.g. yellow fever, etc - will check with the organisers.

On fittness, I hope the Saturday 5k parkruns I do will count for something when it comes to digging deep :). Good to see that Exodus have partnered with parkrun UK as well!!

Boots - check, walking poles - check, better get cracking on the other 99 items on the list!

Just getting an update on my hep A and b as it's been a while since I've travelled to somewhere that actually needs it.  My last holiday travel outside of Aus was just before the birth of my now 7yo, so everything has expired. 

As far as I know there is nothing compulsory. As my GP said "mosquitos don't fly that high" 

I had a friend who went to Peru with work and was told to get yellow fever, but when he was there they said it wasnt required.

how cool is it that we get to chat to people on the trip before we get there. This is my 3rd exodus trip but the first time I've been on the community.



Went into the travel clinic today for some jabs, four in total. They recommended:, for more information on the vacs needed.

The GP said the same thing about the mosquitoes not ascending that high,  the ones we meet might be high on something else in these South American regions, and capable of anything :)

Thanks Grace! If i can get to the docs in the next month I'll see what they say :)

How is everyone feeling? Excited? Nervous? Can't wait? Vaccs all sorted and sore arms now ok? :-)

No time for docors so no jabs for me! Let's just hope i have some residual immunity!

Excited - tick

Nervous - tick

Can't wait - tick


Just need to get through another week at work first! 


Are you guys all set?

Hi everyone, two days of work then 40 or so hours of flying to go. If we're not ready now, we never will be !

see you all soon :)

Safe travels Trev+brother.

Lois+ friend - fancy a heathrow meet? I gather we are both on the 10 p.m. on Friday night from Heathrow to Sao Paolo?




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