Manaslu Lodge circuit 23 October

Hi. Just wanted to say hello to anyone going on the Manaslu Lodge circuit on 23/10/19. It's a few years since I've been to Nepal and I'm looking forward to it. I'm travellinbg solo so keen to link up with others. 

Hi Ian, I am on this trip, John Doyle, and 2 of my friends are also travelling, Paul Bates, and Graham Holden.
 We are making our own flight arrangements from Manchester, so we will meet up in Kathmandu.
 4th time in Nepal for me, and 2nd time for Graham and Paul, we are all looking forward to the trip, and are making sure we will be in good shape.
 See you in Kathmandu.

Hi John Thanks for getting in touch and look forward to meeting you. I was last in Nepal 25 years ago. I’m sure I will be representing the older population and hope I don’t hold you guys up. Lol 

Hi again Ian, our group of 3 are not youngsters, but we do keep fit, I am sure you will be fine.
 I first went to Nepal in 1992 to climb Mera peak, the Lukla landing strip was still a dirt strip. So much has changed.
3 Years ago we did the Gokyo and Cho la trip with Exodus, it was very well organised, so that is why we chose Exodus again.

We are from North Lancashire UK, where are you?

Hi John. I’m from Southsea in Portsmouth on the south coast. I went to Nepal in 1994 on the Annapurna Circuit with Exodus who were v good. I’ve got a fair amount of experience such as Alps and Scottish highlands etc but less in recent years. I’m 62 but have tried to keep fit and am hoping my knees and back hold up. It will be good to swap stories and I’m impressed you did Mera Peak, it’s one I’ve given thought to. 

Exodues tell me there are 5 in total so there is one other person to me and yourselves. If i set up a closed facebook group for thew trip would you and the two others be interested ? it will be a good way to share photois etc. However, I'm aware a lot of folk don't like FB...I still find it useful despite its appalling reputation. 

Us 3 all use Facebook, so fine by me, surprised there are only 5 of us, but others may well sign up.


hi John. It was 5 in August so may have gone up. Here’s the FB link. Let me know if it works or doesn’t.

Hi John. As a more recent visitor to Nepal i wondered if you had any tips on drininking water? I was thinking of purchasing a water purification device but thought i would check with you. My last trip used boiled water prepared by the guides. Looking forward to the trip. Regards Ian

Hi Ian.

Last time we were in Nepal was 4 years ago in the Gokyo and Everest region. Bottled water was plentiful and got more expensive the higher you got, however we are not encouraged to use PET bottles.
 Some lodges had a UV system, usually we filled up with boiled water and we used Chlorine based sterilisation tabs as well.
Take an Aluminium bottle, fill with boiling water at night and put in sleeping bag, we also have 2 litre bladders for our day pack.
 Paul, Graham, and Me, will probably be meeting up some time next week,if any points arise, I will post on here.
You may want to look at the visa form on line, it can be chaotic at the airport, any forms that you can do in advance will help, also remember your spare passport photos.
We are looking forward to the trip, see you in Nepal

PS do not worry about your age, we are older.


I have my visa already so hope to get through the airport without too much hassle. Thank you for the reassure re. advancing years. 

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