Moroccan adventure @ half term - 26th


Just thought i would pop a note down to say that my son Jake (12) and i (very old lol) are really looking forward to the trip in October, it will be a real adventure for us both i think. I walked up Mt Toubkal 32 yrs ago, it will be so much fun to revisit the area once more.  Jake cant wait to see the desert, is hoping to make a few friends along the way ...... and not to be biten by anything lol. 

Anyway..... looking forward to meeting everyone. 



Justin & Jake 




What is your departure date Justin? We are travelling the Camels and Kasbah trip, departing the 12th October. 



My 12 year old son and I am also looking forward to this adventure. Especially the camping in the desert!   Looking forward to meeting everyone 

Hi Sherree - we are on othe late trip im afriad, delarting the 26th Oct. Have a great time. 


Just to say that we are flying from Gatwick on the 26th - anyone else doing likewise?

Yes, we're flying from Gatwick on 26th (assuming BA don't strike again ...!) 

Looking forward to the trip - travelling with my husband, Ben, and our 12 year old son Kit. This is our first Exodus adventure holiday as a family, and we're all excited about it!


Great - see you on the plane or at baggage reclaim maybe then Debbie ...... (noooooo ..... last thing we need if a strike!! ) 

Jake will have turned 13 the week before, we are both really looking forward to the trip. 



I think Jake is in the same school year as Kit then - Year 8? He turns 13 next February.

We're getting excited about the trip - 5 weeks tomorrow! Not sure what kind of bag we need to take - we only have (hard shell) suitcases, which I'm not sure are appropriate,  or holdalls. I'm not sure the holdalls would survive the baggage handlers - especially the Marrakesh end ... but we don't really want to have to buy anything new either.

Hi Debbie 

Yes, Jake is also in yr 8 longer the smallest fish in the school he is pleased to declare lol. 

We will use a soft shell North Face 'base camp duffel' bag - very tough and roomy and has both handles plus ruck sack type shoulder straps so shifting it any distance is a doddle. Also easy to ram into a minibus. On a trip such as this (motor transport and hotels most of the way rather than hicking and camping) i dont think it will matter that much, and they havent prescribed anything in particular have they. 

We will try and travel light......with some travel wash for the hotel bathroom DIY laundry service ..... so one bag will be plenty.  

Just waiting for the Doc's to confirm when we can get our jabs done now. 

Interesting that our trip spans Oct 31st eh lol 

Cheers Justin 


Thanks Justin, that’s helpful re. the bag. Might look into getting something else - just feel a suitcase is a bit wrong for a trip like this; we always took rucksacks or similar bags to the tuoe you mention when we did Exodus holidays in the past.

Had our jabs a couple of weeks ago, only needed typhoid , Kit had to have Hep A and typhoid. Typhoid gives you a very achey arm for a couple of days!

i’m actually glad to be missing Hallowe’en. Either I buy a ton of sweets and no-one calls, or I forget to and have to pretend to be out when the doorbell starts ringing!

Looking forward to meeting you both!

No worries Debbie, a formal rigid suitcase may look a little out of place in the Atlas/sahara ......but then again i shall be taking an umbrella so who cares haha. 

I will just let Jake find out about the achey arm i think....!

Halloween yes....but i was thinking about the dreaded Brexit word ..... actually it will be good to be off the radar when all that is going on ...


Cheers Justin 


Less than two weeks until departure! Is anyone else going on this trip lurking out there? If so, come and say hi and introduce yourselves!

We're really looking forward to the trip and I can't wait to escape this miserable rain (and Brexit madness ...)

Looking forward to meeting everyone.


Hi Justin & Jake, Debbie, Ben & Kit...!

We are on the 26th trip also, and flying from Gatwick. Me, hubby Neil and daughter Ella, aged 8. I think there is a fourth family too.... We are really looking forward to the trip, I've been to Morocco before but it will be first time for Neil and Ella, though Ella's worried about having to eat sheeps head! Ha ha ha.... I'm a cruel mother.....

See you all soon!


Hi Ros, Neil and Ella!

Looking forward to meeting you. There's got to be at least one other family I reckon - so far we've identified 8 of us on the trip, but I think the maximum's 20. I wonder who the others are?

Kit's biggest concern was the vaccinations, but once those were done and dusted he's been getting more excited. Ben and I have travelled with Exodus a couple of times before (in another life, pre-parenthood) so we're really looking forward to introducing Kit to this type of holiday.

Still deliberating about luggage. We only have suitcases, and don't really want to buy more bags. One person at Exodus has said cases are no problem; another that they are not preferred ... As far as I can tell luggage is mostly going to spend its time either in a hotel or on the bus so I can't see it would be a problem. But if no-one else is taking them I don't want to look an idiot!


Hi Ros, Neil and Ella

Great to hear from you, looking forward to meeting up in a few days! We are both really looking forward to the trip.... even more so for Jake after this evening.... once hes had all his jabs! (at long last!) 

 I mentioned the sheeps head to him this morning ..... he laughed and then after a pause said..... thats a joke ...right .... haha. His main concern is the camel spider ..... he informed me that this critter lives in the sand and loves to dine on camel dung PLUS it chases you around to stay in your shadow, out of the burning sun...... hes terrified of spiders ....... i advised him to put his socks over the openings to his shoes every evening, as they love to snuggle down into a warm shoe ...ready for their breakfast ...hahaha a cruel father .... 

Ive travelled with Exodus a few times and likewise, it will be great to introduce him to this type of travel. Exodus inform me that the trip is fully booked and that there are 8 sprogs in the group so that should work well id say. 

Can't wait to see these suitcases Debbie, you have to bring them now ..... ;-) 

See you at Gatwick perhaps then


Cheers Justin 



Ooh - so that means another 12 people we don't yet know about. Interesting! 

I have been reading reviewe, all found very good.   It may be a silly question- but is anyone taking wetsuits for children?  One of the reviews mentioned taking one as the pools are chilly? Sara 

Hi Sara - no, not taking wetsuits.  They take up too much space!  If it's that cold he just won't be able to go in the pool! :-)

Can't believe we finally go this weekend!

Thanks Debbie.  I agree🤗 

Really looking forward to meeting everyone 



Hi Sara 


Meant to reply the other day ...... its been manic ...

Likewise, im not taking his wet suit, its too bulky and horrid to handle when wet.... he's taking swim shorts only... 

Countdown ......








Anyone else logged on whilst in airport?  Flight delay is a bore and it may be extended again looking at the queue of plains!!! Anyone want to meet up /say hi ???

Ros, Neil & Ella

Planes not plains!.....

Delayed to 15:43 now. :-(

Where in airport is anyone? We’re currently on lower level by WHSmith.

Extreme airport fatigue setting in ...


Our adventure seems a long time ago. Does anyone know of a good photo sharing platform?  Ros,  I have a lovely photo of the girls on camel that Id like to send you.  WhatsApp has stopped working on my phone - storage issues. So Im going to update phone and be back in the game.  Enjoy the rain xxxxx

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