Mount Kenya

Hi, I'm travelling solo on the Mount Kenya trip 6th July. Keen to hear from anyone else who is going too😊

Hi Adell, I'm on the same trip - looking forward to it already! Climbed Kili last year (also with Exodus) and loved the landscapes...  Mount Kenya sounds even more stunning! Fortunately, it means I'm sorted on gear. Am trying to get in a few strenuous walks before then - and avoid getting injured! I'll be on the Kenya Airways flight booked by Exodus from London. Cheers, Denise

Hi Denise, great to hear from you! I am really looking forward to this mountain as I have also climbed Kili and have heard this is a much prettier mountain. I'm also all sorted for gear as I have climbed at high altitude in the Himalayas and Argentina.  If you would like to meet at Heathrow that would be great as I am also on the group flight from Heathrow. Always good to have a team member to chat to on the flight!

Feel free to look me up on Facebook. 

Adell Miller 

Hi Adell, I'm not on FB but we should definitely make a plan to meet at Heathrow. Look forward to meeting you then! Hopefully a few others will pop up here before then - looks like 10 slots have gone already.

Hi Denise, I think there are only 12 places so it looks like we are almost full then! Looking forward to meeting everybody. I will be glad when i have got the visa. Not done a e visa before so hope it all goes smoothly.

I was in Kenya last year and I'm pretty sure I got an e-visa for that - certainly had no problems at all and sailed through immigration in Nairobi. I think you can still get a visa on arrival, too, but I usually prefer to get it beforehand as it saves time and hassle.

I emailed Alice (our Exodus ops person) to see if she can give some colour on the overall group - I enjoyed getting some details before my Kili trip. , 

Hi Adell, just to let you know that I heard back from Marta , who is our ops person (rather than Alice). She said that there are ten people, as we suspected; one couple, the rest single travellers; 5 men, 5 women; 5 between 31-40, 4 between 41-50 (I'm one of those :-) ) and 1 in their 60s. A really nice breakdown, I think! 

Hi Denise, that sounds like a really great group of people and a nice mix of ages. That makes two of us in the 41 - 50 group ;) Getting excited now!

Hi Adell, I added my KLM/KA membership number to my booking to be able to look at seat options, etc. on the app. On the return, it's a KLM flight and there is an option to book a "comfort" seat for around £55 - extra space and recline. I've snapped one up as reckon will appreciate it after the climb! There are a few left, though not too many - thought I'd mention it in case you (and anyone else) are interested - I imagine Marta might be able to help if you don't have a membership number or the app.

Hi, sounds good and I'm sure it will be much needed after the climb! My balance is all paid now and domestic flights booked to Heathrow. I'm coming down from Orkney the  morning of departure and have two flights. Should get into Heathrow around 11.15am and then have to get from t5 to t4.

Hi Adell, that'll be quite a long trip for you! But you've got plenty of time, so at least you won't be rushed. I'm working that morning but aim to get to Heathrow a couple of hours before the flight.

Hi Denise, got my e visa today. Less than 24hrs so pretty quick. Just need to change money which I'm sure we will not need much of and get malaria meds. 

Excellent! Glad visa was quick and painless - must sort out mine.

Hi Ladies


I couldn't help commenting, I'm not on this trip, but did it last summer.


It's a really good trip and a nice hike! Wish you both luck.



Thanks Helen! 


Thanks Helen! 


Thanks, Helen! Really looking forward to it. Adell, looks like the last two slots have gone and the trip is fully booked now.

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Hi Denise, Yes it's fantastic the trip is fully booked now! 

Not long to go. Looking forward to getting back to Africa again.

Hi Adell, yes, no long at all! So looking forward to it. I have asked Marta to email you my mobile number so that we can connect at Heathrow - I don't really want to post it here, given the spamming that has happened on the site. Hope that works; feel free to drop me a text or WhatsApp. Look forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks!

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