Swedish Lapland Activity Week


Is anyone joining the Swedish Lapland trip on 22nd February? I'm a solo traveller in my late thirties who is thinking of booking... :)




Hi Laura,

I'm booked on the trip - can't wait!  I'm a solo traveller and I'll be turning 41 on the trip (it's a birthday treat).  When I booked I was told there were two other solo females and a couple booked on.  You should definitely book it. :-)


Hi Charlotte,

I've booked now! Really looking forward to it, and it sounds as though we'll have a good group. We'll have to cross our fingers the Northern Lights show up on your actual birthday!

I've never done a snowy holiday before, have you? Now to hunt out some warm clothing! :)


Hi Laura,

That's great news! My birthday is the Monday, so aurora hideaway night, so fingers crossed!

I've been on a winter trip to Iceland before but it didn't fall much below freezing, so nothing like what this one will be! I hate the cold too..... I'm sure it will be fine with the clothing they provide though. :-)

Have you been on many Exodus trips before?


Hi Charlotte,

I haven't done an Exodus or group trip before - or a snowy holiday - so this will all be new! I just thought it looked such an amazing experience that I would go myself and hopefully meet people, rather than wait on friends to find holiday days etc! Have you done any Exodus trips?

I keep checking the weather to see how cold it'll be...I'm still a bit confused about the layering and what good mid layers are?! 😂

The trip is coming round quite quickly now!


HI Laura,

I've done quite a few group tours now, and this will be about my 8th with Exodus.  You'll love it!  Yes, I'm not quite sure what to take but will probably go with a few thermals, some fleeces and a ski jacket then just layer as necessary.  I tried to get a merino wool base layer as they are supposed to be the warmest but it turns out I'm allergic to it!
It's really coming round now but I've got a crazy week ahead at work so I'll be shattered by next weekend!

Hi Laura, have done similar before, the advice above re layers is good. My only extra tip is to make sure you can get 2 pairs of warm socks on, so you may need different sizes. The snow boots provided are good but wearing 2 pairs of socks makes a difference, especially if standing around ice fishing etc

Hi Laura (and anybody else currently delayed at Heathrow).

Looks like the flight has been delayed even further making our connection very unlikely unless they hold the flight for us. From doing a bit of research it looks like the quickest way to transfer between T5 and T4 in Stockholm is on foot, but we'll have to pass through security. Looks like there's another flight to Lulea at 19:00 so we might well end up on that one, but at least we'll still get there tonight. I've called Exodus and apparently there are 8 of us on the group flight.

It would be good to try to meet up at the gate so we can do our airport dash the other end together! If not, I'm in seat 11C on the plane if you want to say hi.

See you soon (hopefully)!

Ah, I missed this and I'm in Stockholm now! I'm just about to get a free train/transfer to Terminal 4...fingers crossed the luggage is transferred and I wasn't meant to pick it up?! 

 I'll try and find the lounge if there is one in T4 and maybe see some of you there... L

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