What to take for Cycling India's Hill Stations?

Hi, we are going on the "Cycling India's Hill Stations" trip departing Oct 12th 2018. Anyone done this trip or similar? Wondering whether I will need padded shorts or not (not bringing my own saddle)? Any other tips for what to take or not? Many thanks!!

I did this trip october last year - really enjoyed it. I would definitely use padded shorts, and would advise taking female saddle unless you know you are ok with male ones!

Hi Alice, thank you so much for responding! What footwear did you cycle in/take? I was trying to avoid taking actual cycle shoes as we are travelling on and want to keep down the weight of our rucksacks (so not taking our own pedals or saddles)!! Assuming Exodus pedals are not clip-in? Many thanks!!

I can really recommend this trip if you like mixing cultural experience with nature, beautiful scenery and cycling - of course. Its marked as challenging, but it was in general much easier to do than I had expected, only Jalori Pass was a bit though, but can be done at a slow pace. And there is no rush, you can do it in your own speed, slow or fast as you like, there is plenty of time to reach your destination. 


run 3 online & five nights at freddy's



on this trip in April and now going to get my visa. I’ve been quoted $156 for a travel visa through the official India government site ( I think ) though reading can get one for £70. So many prices going . Can someone confirm 



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