Who else is going

Hi I am Geoff and my wife is Ruth. We are looking forward to meeting our fellow travelers.

Hi,looking forward to meeting you both in Greece. Assuming it is The Greek Islands your going to. Dana


Hi Dana. Hope you have a great time in the Greek islands. We will be in India and Nepal so unfortunately will not meet this time 

Hi Geoff and Ruth, my name is Jenny and along with friend Sue am embarking on this trip.  Beginning to get excited now ......

Hi. My wife, Tina, and I are taking this trip, including the short trekking extension.  We are flying to Delhi from Birmingham so may be a little late joining the group in the evening. We are just working out how little we can get away with taking - both clothes and cash, the latter on the basis that most of India will have access to cash machines. Looking forward to meeting everyone! Mark

Hi Mark and Tina, see you in Delhi.  Are other travellers flying Heathrow to Delhi via Muscat booked by Exodus?

Am going to try and travel as light as possible, taking some sterling (to maybe exchange in a hotel) but mainly use cash machines.


Yes we are going from Heathrow on the Exodus plane. Taking some dollars for the Nepal visa plus some pounds 

Great and yes also taking dollars for Nepal visa

Love to hear from anyone else going!

Hi all, 

Barry and I travelling from Heathrow, and also doing the trek extension. Counting the days. Meet soon.


Hi All

we were just starting to fill in the Nepali on line visa form as per the Trip Notes and called Exodus to obtain the address of the hotel in Nepal. I've just spoken to Niraj who said that the electronic system only applies to the airport and at the overland entry there should not be long queues and the tour leader will take our passports and sort it out so no real need to complete the forms. We may do so 'belts and braces' as appear very straightforwrad anyway.  we should take passport sized photos. hope this is of interest.


(The hotel in Katmandhu is Hotel Royal Singi, Lal Durbar, Kamladi - looked it up and has good reviews!)




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