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You have struggled through a high altitude jungle leaving you gasping when suddenly a relative of yours shambles across your path giving you an inquisitive stare. You can smell the mountain celery on his breath and you realise that at any time he or she could knock you over. You are overwhelmed but not scared... welcome to Mountain gorillas.

Primates, be they gorillas, orang-utans or chimpanzees have a special place in the wildlife litany as they share so many of our traits... and not just the good ones. Finding them is hard and expecting them to perform is childish; but nothing takes away the visceral excitement of a close encounter.

Holidays with opportunities to view Primates

Gorillas & Masai Mara (2017)

Gorillas & Masai Mara (2017)

15 days Excl. flights From
GBP £2,779.00

Fantastic wildlife viewing in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

  • Enjoy one precious hour in the company of Rwanda's Mountain gorillas
  • View fantastic wildlife in the famous Masai Mara
  • Enjoy game drives in Lake Nakuru National Park
Chimps & Gorillas of Uganda

Chimps & Gorillas of Uganda

10 days Excl. flights From
GBP £3,099.00

Looking through Uganda for some of Africa's most emblematic and amazing wildlife

  • Track chimpanzees and other primates in Kibale Forest
  • Search for the elusive tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth N.P.
  • Spend a magical hour with Mountain gorillas in Bwindi
Gorilla Short Break

 Gorilla Short Break

3 days Excl. flights From
GBP £2,649.00

Spending time with gorillas is possibly the top wildlife experience to be had anywhere.

  • Spot mountain gorillas
  • Visit Volcanoes National Park
Borneo Wildlife Discoverer

Borneo Wildlife Discoverer

15 days Excl. flights From
GBP £2,349.00

Showcasing the best of Borneo - wildlife, rainforests and tropical beaches

  • Experience wildlife, rainforests and beaches
  • Visit the Danum Valley and Mulu National Park
  • Partake in wild Orang-utan spotting
Discover Costa Rica

Discover Costa Rica

15 days Excl. flights From
GBP £1,949.00

Experience the Costa Rican rainforest, mountains and coast

  • Discover an unparalleled variety of wildlife: from Howler monkeys to caiman, sloths and a huge array of birds
  • Experience the rainforest, mountains and coast of this natural paradise
  • Stay in eco-friendly lodges and hotels
Highlights of Madagascar (2017)

Highlights of Madagascar (2017)

14 days Excl. flights From
GBP £1,999.00

Discover Madagascar's unique wildlife and stunning beaches

  • See incredible wildlife in Perinet and Ranamofana National Park
  • Enjoy striking landscapes of Isalo and Tsimanampetsotsa National Parks
  • Relax on the beach in the coastal town of Anakao
Ancient & Modern Japan

Ancient & Modern Japan

14 days Excl. flights From
GBP £3,499.00

Explore Zen gardens, temples and the most iconic sights of Japan

  • Spot mysterious geishas in Kyoto's Gion district
  • Watch the famous snow monkeys bathing in hot springs
  • Explore temples in Kyoto and discover futuristic Tokyo
  • Experience cherry blossom season or beautiful autumn colours

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