15 March 09 - MAH - cycling cuba (not 29 March which was only option for departure date!)

I would like to hear from anyone going on this cycling holiday to cuba or anyone who has already been on this holiday and has any information

I hope its still going ahead, as I've paid in full and the the box would not let me pick 15 march only 29 march :-)

snow here in Edinburgh so yet to get out on my bike since about Sept 08!



I have a departure date of the 15th of march too so there will be at least 2 of us at the airport.

I have the intention of getting on my bike before we leave, but i must admit i am a fair weather cyclist. As long as i have got over the saddle soreness i am sure it will be fine.




We are going to Cuba cylcing on that trip - can't believe it has come around so quickly - only 2 weeks!

We are staying at Gatwick the night before - if anyone else is and wants to meet up

We haven't done any serious training - we are generally fit - but not been out doing serious mileage, we are hoping the trip isn't too strenuous and the pace is ok.

Ian & Zoe

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