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Hey John,

 So we are talking about the Spet 5/09 AYU trip, correct?

My Husband and I are going- I have a feeling that we are the only Canadians on this trip- where are you from? Have you been to Africa before?






Hi Jessica, we are from the UK and have been on a safari in Kenya/Tanzania once before and thoroughly enjoyed it! We went with Guerba on that occasion and had a mixture of people from the UK and America, and had a fantastic time.

We will be flying from London on the 4th to arrive and start the trip on the 5th September which is the AYU trip. It must be a long trip for you to get from Canada to Nairobi? Where in Canada are you?




We live in Calgary, Alberta so in the West. We fly to London and arrive Sept 2. Then we have 2 nights to see London and hang out with my brother that attends Cambridge for school. Then I hope we fly out with the rest of the group to Kenya. I am really excited to go- but it took a lot of convincing to get my husband to want to go. We have never been to Africa- or on a big trip like this- so we are really excited!!!


Do you have any great advice on what to pack etc...



When we went last time we took far too many clothes, mainly because we didn't really know what to expect. It's difficult to know exactly what type of clothing to take as I believe it could be pretty damp in the mountains and chilly also, it was also chilly in the evenings when we last visited Kenya in September, but was warm during the day. You will probably find that you will stick to the same couple of sweat shirts in the evenings for the entire trip and we are going to take a couple of quick drying trousers with us. Jeans were not a good idea as they are awful to get dry once damp. And then we will just be taking different T shirts to use throughout the trip.

I'm sure your husband will thank you for talking him around when he sees how close up you get to the animals, I had no idea how close you actually got to them. 

We have been to British Columbia and spent a couple of weeks there which was fantastic. Loved the scenary, people and the wildlife! Plan to go back again someday.

Sounds like we will probably be on the same flight out from London on the Friday.



Thanks for your packing tips!!

Do you know of anyone else going on this trip? When we finally booked I believe we were the last 2 spots.



No, sorry I haven't heard from anyone else yet booked onto the same trip.

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