Annapurna circuit - are we doing the right thing!!

Is anyone else doing this trip and willing to talk about it? This is our first exodus trip, and we have lots of questions and uncertainties- and need to work on fitness! Hope to hear from someone out there!


Hi there,

I'm booked onto the Annapurna circuit trip.... can't wait! I'm sure we're doing the right thing - it sounds amazing!

Are you getting flights with Exodus? I'm not and I'll be getting to Kathmandu a few days before thr trip starts. 

Anyway, look forward to hearing back from you and hopefully hearing from a few other folk on the trip too.


All the best



Hi Just booked on this trip and a little nervous about the physical demands, especially the altitude. I've started training  -  gym, cycling, walking  - wonder if I'll be ok.  Look forward to hearing from you guys.



Hi all, this is also my first trip, so all new to me too. Getting quite excited and counting down the days till we go. I'm busy cycling, walking and hoping my fitness levels are ok

Hi guys  - I did this trip last year at xmas and new year and it was fantastic. There were 16 of us and we all got round OK, with various ailments to most of us at some point!. Most days are steady walking for 5-6 hours but there are a couple of longer days. Make sure you drink plenty of water - I suggest you carry 2 litres with you, especially above 2500m. I'm not sure how cold it will be for you, but it was v cold for us in the evenings, so make sure you take plenty of layers. It can be pretty warm while walking. 4 season sleeping bag was essential when I went.

 If you've got a general level of fitness you should be fine. The trek is paced to allow you to acclimatise well. But it still gets a bit tough at the top! Let me know if you've got any specific questions. 

It's a trip of a lifetime so take a camera.


hello everyone! Thanks for the comments and suggestions from the seasoned trekkers! We have just had our jabs, and its all getting a bit close. We havejust been on two weeks holiday to Connemara, ( kayaking in bay and visited twice by dolphins, diving under kayak! they're quite large when close!!) so need to brush up the fitness levels. Really looking forward to it now.We are travelling with exodus Our bags have arrived, and we're trying to work out exactly what we need to take. Sounds as if a spare camera battery is a must. Please keep in touch other group members, and if you have any brainwaves about things we may forget let us know! Linda and Anthony


Hi everyone - it's getting very close now! I'm actually flying out this coming Monday so will have a few days in Kathmandu before meeting up with everyone next Saturday. The excitement is definitely building now..... I'm spending most of today getting all my gear together and making sure I have everything I need. I'm bound to forget something but I figure there are shops in Kathmandu if I manage to forget anything really vital!

Looking forward to meeting you all. Have a safe journey over and see you in Kathmandu!


PS. In terms of things to take: don't forget your passport photos for the trek permit, it sounds like alcohol gel to clean your hands will be useful and a swimsuit for the hot springs is a must. No other pearls of wisdom from me but if anyone else thinks of anything please tell us before I leave on Monday!

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