aox thai indo china explorerer

hello guys


just wondering who is going on this trip. I am one of 3 who will be flying outr on sat evening as opposed to sat morning so will be a little behinf the main gang , but really looking forward to it .

 does anyone know where we will be on xmas day it at the beach  ??




anyone out there ???


Hi Jeremy,

Good to hear from you!  I'll be flying out on the main group flight.  Frantically busy at the moment, so it's going to be a manic last-minute packing session!  I figure we'll be in the Mekong Delta on Christmas Day (Day 4).  It sounds wonderful!



We are the other two flying out on the Saturday evening flight. Really looking forward to it and getting excited. Our first trip out there and the first with the company. Looking forward to meeting up on the Sunday.

Sue and Roger


sue and roger..hi there

 maybe we will bump itno each other at normal i will have a blue base ball hat with GBR on it and glasses.  I beleive we are off from termninal 3 so i will be hanging around there with a small rucksack .


went with exodus to everest and thoufht they were well run outfit , so here we go again , never been there so nto sure what to expect , although i dont like the look of eating insects btu i will give it a go if the celebs can do it in the jungle lol


Hi Jeremy
Will look out for you at the airport, also have small rucksack and wearing glasses. If we don't meet there maybe see you at Hong Kong for the next stage of the trip.

Am not sure I am up to eating the spiders though!

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