AZV Cape Town to victoria falls

Am really curious to find out who is going on this amazing trip.  Think it must be fully booked as it is no longer on the web site.  I am Patsy, travelling alone and wanting to chat with anyone who is on the trip so we can compare what to take etc and to share in the excitement.  Get in touch.


Mandy C

Hi Patsy

I am also on the trip and looking forward to it very much.  I went to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda last year around the same time and it was amazing.  Loved the camping although I am paying a single supplement as it is quite nice to have some time on your own.  The weather was great last time and I am sure it will be lots of fun.  You really dont need to pack too much although my camera and tripod take up a lot of room!

Look forward to seeing you soon.


Hi Patsy

 I'm on the trip too, though I fly out on Christmas day for some chill out time in Cape Town. I'm wondering whether I really need to take a full sleeping for a trip to a hot desert. Trying to travel light, though I usuall fail.



Hi Mandy and John

I am so so excited and just can't wait to be out there.  Mandy you are lucky to have got a single supplement - I tried without luck.  Wonder who my tenting companion will be? It's not you John is it?!! Great idea to get to Cape Town early - it will give you a chance to find out a good waterhole for us all when we get there.  Apparantly it can get quite cold at night so I reckon a full sleeping bag is a good plan. The tripod sounds very professional!! Happy packing!



Hi Guys - 5 weeks to go & am getting extremely excited too!  Like John arriving a couple of days early so can have a quick look round Cape Town - arrive Christmas Day so that will be strange.  If anyone is around to meet up for dinner let me know – although might be difficult to find somewhere open??  Thanks Patsy for weather advice as was wondering the same. All tips welcome….



Hi Patsy

 I have a single supplement too, so sharing my tent would be entirely optional. lol. Sounds like I'll have to take the sleeping bag after all.

 Carolyn - I arrive Boxing Day morning and have a transfer to the same place as the group arrive at for an extra night. Are you there as well? If so we might meet up, at least for dinner and maybe earlier for lunch on Boxing Day. I am thinking of heading up table mountain if the vis is good - often it isn't and last time I went it was socked in with cloud. Otherwise I was thinking of hopping on a trip to Robbin Island





Hi John - that's a shame, seems we will have to meet up later as I will be staying in town for Christmas & Boxing Day.  Still trying to decide what to do on 26th whether to head to Robben Island or Cape Point (as not sure we will see if group flight delayed) or ?? - any suggestions?? - there is just so much to choose from. 


Hi Carolyn

I could give you a call when I arrive to see if we can meet up. The group guest house is a 20 minute taxi ride from downtown and I don't plan to hang around there longer than I need to dump my bags and check the vis for table mountain.

Where does everyone come from - I live on the Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire border




Sounds like a great idea - if you drop me your email address will send across my phone number.  My plans are to go to Robben island in the morning so that works well.

Not long now but still so much to do - heading to outdoor shops next week to buy lots including boots as I can't seem to find my lightweight ones.  How remote will we be - do I have to get anything like water tablets or is civilisation always close by???

 Thoughts welcome.....


Carolyn - my e-mail is [email protected]


Hi there all

It really is count down now.  So excited.  Does anyone want to meet up at Heathrow for a pre-hols drink before we fly out? You can email me on [email protected] if that is easier.  So looking forward to meeting you all.  Have been in anticipation for weeks!!!

BW Patsy


Just in case you three thought you were the only people on this trip, we thought you would like to meet two more; my wife and I are also looking forward to getting some sunshine this winter and will be arriving on Boxing day courtesy of BA!!! I am e-mailing the Mabaruli Lodge about transport to the hotel from the airport and can put the details on the forum.

Last year we did the east coast to Mozambique, etc. and had a fabulous time so look forward to the west coast and an equally fabulous trip!!

Brian & Rita


Just thought I should stick my head round the door and introduce myself before fly out. I'm Justin, and I'm really looking forward to the trip. I've never been to Africa before so I'm sure its going be a real culture shock.

Patsy, or anybody else who is going, I would love to meet for pre flight drinks at Heathrow. My mobile is 07899 904148, if you want to give me a call or text.

I look forward to meeting you all.


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