AZV Victoria Falls to Cape Town - leaving 19/10

Hi, is anyone doing the (reverse) Cape Town to Victoira Falls trip on the 19/10? I'm interested to swap any trip tips and exchange info etc. :)  Kevin B


Hi, I'm not going on this trip but i did take this trip last year and just wanted to tell you what a great experience you have in store.  We had a great group and three great trip leaders, shane, gecko and happiness....we all felt that vic falls to cape town was a good way to do the trip....there's lots of wonderful things to see and do.  Yep, long drives but you just have to get into the Zen of Being on the Bus.  It is hot in the desert (duh) but in the morning not so much.....have a great time.  africa is wonderful.     sarah

Hi Sarah, thanks for taking the time to respond (even if you've already been!) I have been through the reviews for travel tips, which was useful but I have a few questions for you if that's ok? Moneywise, how did you split your currencies, in terms of proportion and were you able to pay for optional activities with a card? How roomy or not were the tents, as I assume you need to keep all luggage in them overnight? For this time of year my info is that I should be ok with a lightweight sleeping bag and/or liner.. Many thanks Kevin :)


I believe i used atms to get the local currency.   in zambia paid with zambian money....evidently, no coins in their currency....some of the time currecncys run over from one country to the may pay in say zambian money and get back botswanna change.  and particularly at the camp bars the prices can vary (not by any arguable amount) depending on who is serving you.  there is a safe on the bus that is good to put passport and cash in.  The tents were plenty big.  i was able to stand up in mine. i shared a tent and we had plenty of space.  i think the trip is billed as they do the work you have fun but we found when we started pitching in that the trip got a whole lot better.....the desert was hot but dry during the day  but a couple of mornings folks were glad to have several layers of warmth as it dropped to the 30'sF     also, it's helpful to have a scarf or kerchief to put in the ice water in the cooler to wrap around one's neck if it is really hot on the bus.    The etosha waterhole is WONDERFUL........anymore questions be glad to answer if i you can read i loved the trip plus, getting ready to go to asia  so i am revved up.....let me know if you have other questions....sarah   about the weather...i did go in september so things may be a bit different as far as the weather...have you been to africa before ?   sarah

Thanks Sarah, that's all really useful stuff, have you thought of working for exodus? ;) i can't think of much else to ask right now, other than what optional activities you would recommend and were they value for money, I was considering a micro light flight over the falls if its not really expensive and I can pay with a Visa card? Also how did you find the moozzie problem?
My first trip with exodus was Kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar and it was probably my most memorable so I'm really quite excited about returning to Africa :) k


thanks, glad i could be of some help.  vic falls i believe is best seen from the air.  some folks with us went over in a helicopter i think.  thought it was the best fifteen minutes (or whatever)  if the river is really running there is a lot of "smoke"  that is vapor and all that hides the actual falls.  even when the falls are not running all that much standing taking pics will get you a nice freshet shower.  A few people went to livingston pools which is a place to swim, or at least get wet where one swims at the top of the was evidently very cool and i wish i had known about that.  I had no problems with the moosies....we just made sure to use spray and the tents were well protected...we kept the screen doors on the tents zipped.....into namibia and the dunes we all went riding down the dunes...hilarious, fast and i hated the walk up.....some folks did the four wanted to air balloon over the desert but it was not available and we felt the airplane ride was too long and too some went to the snake farm and some of us ate our way through the town....when you get a chance and if you would i'd love to hear about your kenya to zanzibar trip as that is probably my next trip to pressure.....just when and if you have time....also, if i think of anything else ............ sarah



oh, and the food for breakfast and dinner was great.    also, the rafting on the river in vic falls was so much fun....s

Hi sarah, thanks that's all really useful stuff you, obviously had an awesome trip :) I can't remember as many details about the Kenya and Tanzania trip as it was 9 years ago but what I do remember was that Africa just blew me away, not so much the game, which was amazing but more the people and the culture and the photo oppurtunites - what a photogenic continent! Where are you planning to go in Asia? Kevin


Have a great trip...i concur with the wonderful folks in africa....that's why i am going back...going to asia when you are headed for thailand, laos, vietnam and cambodia.  did a practice packing last night...needs work...have fun........s

Hey, thanks! Are you dong the 30 day trip then? Awesome :) I did the Vietnam Adventure trip last year and it was brilliant (best guide and group I been with so far) so you'll have most of that to look forward to as well as the rest of Indo China ! Let me know how it all works out :)  Re. Africa - how much money did you actually take with you? I'm still uncertain what to take and how to split the currency up.. thanks Kevin


i am having a difficult time remembering how much us dollars i took.  i mostly used my debit card to get monies from an atm  which gave me the coin of that realm.  i may have taken a thou in cash.  i remember that trying to get to a bank to convert funds was dicey and the other worked well.  that much actual cash may seem like a lot but there is a good safe on the truck and i had no problem.  i figured it was better to take more than less.  sorry i didn't answer sooner...out of town over weekend...i'd like to hear how your trip went.  i guess post on the arrivals lounge when you get back unless you have a better idea..  thanks for the cheer as to vietnam.  it will be interesting for me.....sarah


Hello Kevin,

 I'm going to this trip from Spain, then, I join the group in Livingston, in the airport. I hope my flight arrives ontime.

Sarah, thank you so muy for the information, very practical. Everythig souns great.


Hi Beti,

Good to hear from you! I take it that you are Spanish then? I'll see you at Livingstone airport on Sunday and don't worry - they will wait for you! :)  Kevin


Hi Kevin,

Yes, I'm Spanish, from Madrid. Do you know if the temperature decreases so much during the nights? Also, I am following the weather in Livingston and it seems to be quite hot. I am trying to adequate my luggage but it isn't a easy job!


Hi Beti,

Yes, I also looked at night time temps as I wanted to check that a normal sleeping bag would be ok! Having checked online and also looked through the reviews on the Exodus site I'm confident that they won't drop much below 15 degrees (for mid October to early November) for the 1st 11 days or so, however it may well be a bit cooler as we head south so a normal bag plus a liner should do the trick. Day time temps will be pretty high at around 25-30 degrees but if you're from Madrid, you probabaly won't find that quite as challenging as the rest of us! :)


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