Kenya & Tanzania Adventure - 29 August 2010



Along way off I know but is anyone on this trip? Would be good to hear from you as this is our first adventure to Africa!





were not booked yet but we expect to be by the end of the month, this would also be our first trip


All booked now, cant wait,

would love to hear from anyone else who is going, or has been on this trip.


Hi Leanne & Carl, glad you are all booked up. Starting to get closer now! This is our first trip to Africa together and also our first Exodus trip - not too sure what to expect!! 

Looking forward to meeting up. Where are you from?  



also our first africa and exodus trip, not sure what to expect, have loads of questions, but really excited

we are from Seaham, Co. Durham, what about you?


Hi, i'm from London and Polly is from Yorkshire originally but living in London now too (although she still prefers it up north!). 

Well i'm glad we aren't going to be the only African Adventure Virgins!! I just hope someone that comes along is a professional chef!!   


Ha, funny you should say that, i was a chef for 15 years before i got bored and moved into banking, there is a chef who travels with us

getting all exited now and have started to buy our kit.


Cool! At least we won't starve! We've not made any start on getting kit together. Knowing us it'll all be last minute at the airport... lets hope they sell sleeping bags at Heathrow! 




Only 9 weeks to go!!  mind you after looking at long drop toilets  on google recently, not sure if thats a good thing!!!!

seriously though, sooo exited, feel like a kid at christmas!! got a few bits and pieces in now, and got my camera at the ready!

Shame no-one else who's going has posted yet.


Less than 5 weeks to go- sooo excited now- is anyone else booked for this trip?

Been looking on You tube at videos from places that we are visiting it looks AMAZING!!!!Most looking forward to the Ngorongo crater!

Are there any Ladies out there that have been on this trip or similar before- what type of dress is needed for Zanzibar? concious of the limited space we will have for packing and don't want to be over or under dressed when we get to the beautiful island! 



We are Jayne and Craig and we are looking forward to meeting the rest of the group on this holiday!  We live in Nottingham.

I have been to Morocco before with a similar company/type of holiday but never to true Africa!  Craig hasn't been to Africa before either.  It's so soon now and we're very excited!

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Jayne  and craig, good to hear from you, and thanks for the reply on the other post regarding the balloon ride. we have decided to book at the last minute when we arrive if we decide to do it.

Do you have all of your kit in yet? i think leanne thinks we all have a massive wardrobe on the truck!!!.

we cant beleive its here already, we have been looking forward to this since last year.

 We were least exited to be going to see the flamingos, until last night when we watched a program about them on  sky, its currently airing on sky movies premiere, its called the crimson wing. its a documentary by disney. its made us see flamingos in a different light and its deffinatly worth watching.





Yes I think we have most things we need!  The baggage allowance is very minimal isn't it! esp given the length of the trip.

We were also worried about ability to charge camera batteries etc - we bought some extra ones in case.

Have you had all your injections and got your malaria prophylaxis now?

Have you also got your visas?  We just have to get Craig's Tanzania visa.

Keep in touch, J & C 



we are getting our visas on arrival, we have had our injections and are going to see the doc next week for anti malarials. im a bit worried about the baggage allowance, we are taking 2 soft sided 80L bags - these will aslo contain our sleeping bags. and 2 daypacks. my daypack will be my camera backpack with my slr and lenses - i wont get this in the locker so will be carrying it around all of the time.

we have a list of all the campsites and hotels we are staying at as well as the names of our driver and guide, nothing special but they serve a purpose.

 i have read some of the reviews on here and one states that sleeping bags are stored in a different locker so that frees some space up. we also found out that exodus provides us with very comfortable sleeping mats so the thermarests we bought can go on ebay!


getting closer!!!, only 1 week to go before we set off for heathrow, staying in a hotel for a few nights before the flight. packed everything last night and it all fits in the bags.been to docs and got prescription for malarone. hope to hear from anyone whos coming.

 leanne and carl


Hi Guys,

Just to let you know we checked with Exodus and they told us you do need sleeping mats for this trip - they are not provided.

Remember to bring or it could be an uncomfortable 2 weeks!

Very excited now!

Craig and Jayne


Glad you double checked, Ive contacted Tom at exodus who had advised us they were included and he appologised for getting it wrong!. Going to have to re think our packing now!

 Cant wait for this trip, if anyone is in or around the airport from the 26th onwards and wants to meet up for a drink before the flight im happy to give out my mobile number

Carl and Leane

Dear Travellers,

After negotiating with our local operators, they have agreed to supply everyone with a sleeping mat for this upcoming trip. You will therefore NOT need to take your own. We are very sorry if you have purchased your own and hope that you will be able to return them for a refund if you have.

Kind regards,



Thanks Tom!!


This time next week........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Tom! We were a little confused too. 

Not long to go now... Our living room looks like a bombs hit it currently! I have no idea how its all going to fit! 

See you all very soon.

Russell & Polly 



leaving home in the morning, all packed and ready to go.

2 days relaxing in the hilton at terminal4 before we begin.

we will be checking in in plenty of time on sat so if anyone wants to meet for coffee before the flight we can be contacted on 07944273289


Mine is going to be a little less relaxing! Off to Leeds festival shortly and then heading to Heathrow directly from there!! My number is 07584517709 so would be good to meet up. 

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