Lycian Turkey Activity Week, 21st June

Hi there. I'm very seriously tempted to book to go on this week, and am just waiting to have my leave authorised. Anyone else booked to go so far?

I'm probably going to book my own flights from Manchester as I'm based in the Midlands and have no idea how I'd be able to get to Gatwick for 5.30am in the morning!



Hello, I have now booked definately onto this week. Actually got my Manchester flights through Exodus and Thompson Fly. I'm going to be driving from Derby that morning. If anyone lives close by and would like to share the costs let me know.


Hi,  I am also going on this trip.  Never been with Exodus before and not too sure what to expect.  but realy looking forward to it.  I will be arriving independently to the Hotel as I will be arriving in Turkey earlier and do some travelling around first with my husband before he has to go back home.

 Now I just have the little pressing problem of getting fit before I go.

 See you there.



I've just booked this trip and am really looking forward to it :)  I'm leaving from Gatwick.


Hi Tracy,  this is my first time I am travelling with Exodus on my own, looking at the itinerary we should be very busy, but still looking for some relaxing time with a nice glass of wine in the evening.  Hope I will not be the only one who is also interested in food and wine.  I just hope it is not too hot, though I think as a lot of the activities are in/around water we will get time to cool down.

 I have a very female problem what shoes should I take.  Wondering about hiking boots for the canyoning, or should I bring an old pair of trainers, still have not decided.

Do either of you have any suggestions?




Tracey -- I have just noticed I dropped an e out of your name -- sorry -- trying to type too fast, but still no excuse.


Hi Tracey and Renske, certainly won't be the only one wanting to enjoy some food and a glass of wine..or two in the evenings :-)

Think it will be hot there, but yeah, al ot of the activities are in water so should be good (whizzing down a hill on a moutain bike should also create some breeze!)

Yeah, I was also wondering about the canyoning. I've done coasteering before, which sounds kind of similar and I only wore old trainers for that, which was fine. I only have one pair of hiking boots, and the cost a lot so don't want to spoil them! Maybe I'll ask the Exodus lot and see what they think?



I like the sound of food and wine :) think we may need it after the activites in the day.  I'm planning to take my old walking boots which i don't mind getting wet, they say you need shoes with good ankle support but i'm not sure why??  I've not done canyoning before and can only guess that people twist ankles alot? maybe? Looking forward to some sun :)


still have the same problem -- i also only have my newish pair of hiking boots, thrown the old ones out.  Also I be leaving uk on 4 June and will be backpacking around Turkey before joining this trip, dont realy fance dragging hiking boots around.  On the other hand I do have a habbit of twisting ankles.  maybe I should get some neoprene ankle supports and wear them inside my trainers.  Will have found a solution by the time we set of on the canyon walk.  I have never done anything like that before and look forward to it.


Hi Rachel and Tracey,

I have now been a week in Turkey so far and It is hot here.  The most useful item I have taken with me would be a sarong, too hot to sleep under anything else.  The sheets provided by alot of the hotels are of a heavy quality.  Good mozzy repelent ?s also a must as the l?ttle beast?es have come out ?n force.

See you all in a week and a b?t t?me :-)


hi guys, i've just booked the turkey kayaking trip from gatwick on my own. looks like we in the same area so might see you guys there.

if anyone wants to meet up at gatwick that would be cool.


Hi there.. Very much looking forward to meeting everyone and the adventure ahead!

Have had the same concerns re footwear - so will prob end up bringing everything (except wellies that is!!)



hi all.

i was wondering what you thought of the activity week. im booked to go on one in a few weeks time and would love to hear a few things.


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