Mt Toubkal Climb

Anyone else booked on this and taking the group flight?



hI Steve,

My american friend Martha and I are going on the Mt. Toubkal Climb on 20th June.  We will not be on the flight as we are going a couple days early to explore Marrakech.  Look forwards to meeting you.

Nephi is my user name but is the name of my dog.  I am Val.

See you soon.

Hi Val,

         Look foward to meeting you and Martha, enjoy your extra time in MarraKech.




 I am booked on the group flight on Sunday. See you at the airport!



Hi there, I'm on the TMT trip to Morrocco, but I'm wondering if your trip is leaving at the same time -9:00pm from Gatwick?....if it is the same flight, will see you there

Hi Jess,

           Thanks for the reply.  I will keep a look out for you in the departure lounge.

Sorry Phil our trip leaves from Heathrow at about 18:00. Hope you have a good trip.


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