Petra and Wadi rum by bike, 11 September

Hi, anyone booked for the Petra bike tour? Really looking forward to it.


Hi there :)  I'm booked on this - can't wait, it looks fab!!  Currently working on my cycling stamina ;)


Hello All,

Its great to finally see some other names on here for this trip, I've been looking for several weeks now.

I'm also booked in for this trip, I am looking forward to it and slightly nervous at the same time. I'm not flying from London with the rest of the party but meeting you all there. I'll be flying in from Cyprus it only takes an hour too, so just a quick flight. 

I hoping I have a slight advantage when it comes to climatisation and being in hot weather conditions, I just need to polish up on my cycling skills!

I'm really looking forward to meeting some new people and seeing this fabulous country. I'd love to hear from anybody if you fancy chatting some more.




I'm flying from Qatar, so won't have met anyone en-route either. Haven't cycled for a while so I'd better practise while I'm home in the summer!!


Hey - great to 'meet' two folks on the trip.  I'm flying from London, so will meet the others then I guess. 

Raquelle, I'm hoping that if I get really, really fit cycling, that'll help me cope with the heat - I come from Scotland, and there was a flurry of snow this morning!!!!!!!!!  I think I'm more nervous about the heat than the cycling ;)

 I did a cycling holiday through Slovenia last year and it was hot, but not THAT hot. 

Aileen :)


Hello, all!

I'm a late arrival to the holiday group. Lone traveller and joining the group in London. I've never been to the Middle East before, so when this came up at about the right time I couldn't resist. Sorry, SE Asia, maybe next year?

Correct me if I'm wrong - but I'd expect the other conditions to make up for the heat - in the desert it'll be arid so your sweat will evaporate instantly, keeping you cool, right? Just keep drinking.

This holiday should sweeten the end of the summer...



Hi there, I'm booked on it too and I can't wait, especially now the weather here has gone rubbish - summer is officially over so it must be time to get away!

I'll be joining in London, so I'll meet some of you guys there.


Cool :)

Glad there will be some company from London - I'm connecting from Edinburgh, so happy to meet up at Heathrow. Starting to get quite excited about the trip now - although I'm moving flat in a couple of weeks, so haven't been out on the bike much - oooops :(

 See you all soon!

 Aileen :)


Hi guy's,

I'm also a late booker (2 weeks ago!). Flying from Manchester but on the same London flight as you all. I'm a bit nervous at the moment, not done nearly enough cycling so I'm hoping to gain fitness as we go along. I'm expecting it to be rediculously hot, crazy for cycling in, but a welcome change from the 2 months of grey skies we've had here. Looking forward to meeting you all.



Hello All,

Well my plans have changed slightly since I last wrote, and although I am still on this trip I have had to move my dates back to November due to work commitments. So sorry I will not get to meet all you folks that have written on here.

I do hope you have a lovely time, and I guess I'll just have to get more practise in before I go.

All the best, Have fun



Unfortunately, me too! I'm rebooked for February but I hope you all have an amazing time. I'm really looking forward to it. Enjoy!


Hiya Chris,

Martine sent out a group mail tonight for loading up pics, and I replied and it bounced from your address.  Send me a mail to: [email protected] and I'll forward your correct address to the rest if you want.

Hope you got all your laundry done!!!

 Take care,

Aileen x

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